Beijing’s four book cities will open 24 hours a day during the Spring Festival to celebrate the Winter Olympics

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As the Spring Festival approaches, the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Beijing.Beijing issued group (hereinafter referred to as the north group) will be held during the Spring Festival “passion the games in Beijing have a culture year” special theme activities, Beijing book building, the foreign language bookstore on wangfujing bookstore, book building in zhongguancun, Beijing four large bookstores will launch open 24 hours a day, its many stores will also mutual linkage,Let the general public readers spend a warm and colorful Winter Olympics bookish culture Spring Festival.It is reported that from January 31 to February 6, the major bookstores of BEIFA Group will launch a special activity of “recommending books by experts” to create a nationwide reading atmosphere of “reading books well and reading books well”.Activities include bibliography “reading ability training”, “good books recommend specialists choosing books group”, “new book first to see 2022” excellent books recommended, “a club big rally – read famous Reading club “subject recommended book fair, etc., with China publishing group, publishing house of Peking University, renmin university of China publishing house and other well-known press cooperation, set up special units, recommend a good book,And invited cui Daiyuan and other famous scholars, writers to carry out traditional culture lectures and book recommendation activities.In addition, the hair group will be under the guidance of the municipal party committee propaganda department issued in printing, to invite the head’s got talent, a well-known writer, famous editors in the industry, such as broadcast live, short video challenge, slowly through the theme, book building, wangfujing bookstore, zhongguancun in Beijing book building, foreign language bookstore, China bookstore, GuanZhuang xinhua bookstore reading culture activities.From the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, major bookstores will broadcast live on a theme every day, including “Tang Dynasty Tea Poetry Analysis lecture”, “Intangible cultural Heritage Cultural Interactive experience”, “folk culture lecture” and other themes.At the same time, there is a short video challenge, by the head of the celebrity talent bookstore clock challenge, share the most beautiful bookstores around.At that time, readers can log in to offline physical bookstores to take videos of exploring stores and sharing good books, post the videos on Douyin and celebrate the Cultural Year in Beijing with hashtag #, or directly upload the videos to the hashtag page to participate in the challenge and share their favorite books with the majority of users.Through the integration of online and offline, it creates an immersive experience of cloud travel bookstore and cloud reading for readers.This year is the year of the Winter Olympics.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, BeIFA Group will launch the theme activity “To the Future together with Beijing Winter Olympics”, inviting readers to enjoy the Winter Olympics and experience the passionate collision between the Winter Olympics and books.Four of its book stores will join hands with famous publishing institutions to launch a series of sports related books exciting cultural activities.The Beijing book building will hold many books sharing activities, together with the people’s literature publishing house invited the games of the People’s Republic of China the author writer Sun Jingyan hold meeting to share the new book, the national level, the games are about Beijing from brewing, bid to the preparation process, and several generations of Chinese athletes win honor for our country’s ice and snow spirit;The “Ice Time in Old Beijing” reading and sharing meeting was jointly held with Beijing Publishing Group to let readers have a more intuitive understanding of the extensive and profound ancient Chinese ice and snow sports and the profound cultural heritage of old Beijing.Beijing book building and citic publishing group for young readers tailored “pig love sports ice magic book page – to unlock new haptic interaction experience activities”, as well as the Beijing sports university press the shoe through the snow ice winter Olympics theme lectures, books to let the children learn more at the same time in the brain and hands in the winter sports and sports contains the knowledge of science,Experience super cool thermal magic pictures.Wangfujing Bookstore will launch a clay mascots activity for the Winter Olympics, and each store will carry out an activity of “CHEERING for the Gold Medal while watching the games in the bookstore”, so that readers and friends can feel the passion of Beijing “Double Olympics City” together.It is worth mentioning that on the eve of the New Year’s Eve, Beijing Book Building, Wangfujing Bookstore and Zhongguancun Book Building under BEIFA Group will hold traditional Spring Festival cultural activities such as “Eating dumplings on New Year’s Eve and watching The Spring Festival Gala” to add feelings to the readers who are in Beijing for the New Year.”Guess lantern riddles when Entering the shop” and “The 2022 Book-themed Commemorative Seal Service” are traditional Spring Festival activities of Beijing Book Tower, attracting wide attention from readers.During the festival, Beijing Book Building, Wangfujing Bookstore and Zhongguancun Book Building will hold “Book sharing, Watching Spring Festival Gala, watching Winter Olympics” activities at the same time. Readers will get together to share happiness and celebrate the Chinese New Year with great joy.Beijing book building host intangible cultural activities during the Spring Festival and the zhongguancun book building of papers to create a fair, let readers vacation life more colorful, further enhance the festive atmosphere of the New Year, at the same time, special roll out “online Preferential good books Free mail “warm heart activity, help citizens in Beijing New Year’s day pass New Year blessing to distant relatives.The author | Zhang Enjie source | Beijing youth daily client