A shares: SF Holding, Shanghai Electric and other 5 important announcements!

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# school # the stockmarket, swim network 002174:6th meeting of the sixth board of directors resolution bulletin board based on confidence in the company’s future development prospect and recognition of the value of the company, at the same time in order to further improve the company’s long-term incentive mechanism, improve team cohesion and competitiveness, effectively promote the company’s long-term development, therefore agreed to buy back shares.The Company intends to use its own funds to repurchase shares of the Company through a centralized bidding process, and the repurchased shares of the Company are intended to be used for employee stock ownership plans or equity incentives.If the Company fails to implement the above purposes within 36 months after the completion of the share repurchase, the shares repurchased by the Company will be cancelled in accordance with the law.As the term of office of the seventh board of directors of the Company is about to expire, the general election of the board of directors shall be held in accordance with relevant legal procedures in accordance with relevant provisions of the Company Law and the Articles of Association.The eighth board of directors of the Company consists of eleven directors, including seven non-independent directors and four independent directors.Recommended by the controlling shareholder and reviewed by the nominating Committee of the Board of Directors, the board of Directors agrees to nominate Mr. Wang Weimin, Mr. Wu Haijun, Mr. Zhai Maolin, Mr. Wang Huiling, Ms. Wang Shasha, Mr. Liu Qi and Ms. Wu Yan as non-independent director candidates for the eighth board of Directors of the Company.Meanwhile, Mr. Li Yumin, Mr. Xin Maoxun, Mr. Wu Qiusheng and Ms. Xue Jianlan are nominated as candidates for independent director of the eighth board of directors in accordance with the Rules for Independent Director of Listed Companies and the Articles of Association of the Company, recommended by the board of Directors and examined by the nomination Committee of the board of Directors.Iii. Sf Holding 002352:Notice of Capital Reduction At the 21st meeting of the fifth Board of Directors of S.F. Holding Co., Ltd., the Proposal on cancellation of the Company’s Share Repurchase of Special Securities Account was considered and passed. The Company intends to cancel the repurchase of 11,010,729 shares of the Special Securities account.Upon completion of the cancellation, the total share capital of the Company will change from 4,906,213,102 shares to 4,895,202,373 shares.Iv. Shanghai Electric 601727:Shanghai electric board sixty-four meeting of the fifth, to further promote the company resources integration support company subsidiary Suzhou Thvow Technology Co., Ltd., agreed to a company held by Shanghai boiler plant science and Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake to day, by day Technology acquisition, in the form of issuing shares and raising matching funds of 960 million.The final transaction price of the target assets of the asset reorganization shall be determined by the Company and Tianwo Technology through negotiation on the basis of the appraisal value specified in the asset appraisal report issued by the asset appraisal agency that meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations and recorded by the competent state-owned assets supervision and administration department.The number of shares purchased by the Company through this asset reorganization shall be determined according to the transaction price of the underlying asset and the stock issue price of Tianwo Technology through this asset reorganization, and the final number of shares purchased shall be subject to the number approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.V. Lanxiao Technology 300487: Resolution announcement of the eleventh Meeting of the Fourth Board of Directors The board of Directors of the company has adjusted the incentive object granted for the first time and the number of restricted shares granted. After adjustment, the incentive object granted for the first time in this incentive plan is 338, and the total number of restricted shares granted for the first time is 2.7 million.And agreed to grant 2.7 million class II restricted stock to 338 eligible incentive targets at the grant price of 44.55 yuan per share.Shorting is also a kind of operation, and it is the most difficult one;A very big reason for losing money is that there are stocks all the time, empty warehouse is to look for a point, only to see a big opportunity to move, otherwise would rather give up!Short positions or a realm, it can even determine the success of your investment career!Dear, praise is the greatest encouragement to the author, please pay attention to Wenqutang with your good luck.I will share stock market knowledge every day, thank you!