2021 sauce wine summary: false fire chaos like hidden crisis!

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No nonsense, come straight to the point.If we have to make a summary for the 2021 soy wine market, we can only use this sentence to describe: there is chaos in the empty fire, and there is a crisis hidden behind the chaos. Looking at the past year, how can a chaotic word be so.The so-called false fire, is the hot market only exists in the manufacturers and dealers, and consumers, it seems that they do not buy it, watching the excitement of much, really put into action.Behind the beautiful financial statements of the sauce distillery, it is the dealer suffering goods, inventory, price upside down.So-called disorderly, source or factory actually, in order to grab a slice in the so-called sauce wine boom, with policies, advertising, sales promotion, draw pie, listed blow bubble and so on, like playing chicken blood, from the source to the dealer “temptation, hunting”, let the merchants hot-headed stock inventory pressure, upstream manufacturers to wait to be depicted “sauce wine boom” conveniently make arrival,But unfortunately, left wait not to right wait not to come, and so on is forced to throw goods, price, price chaos, and so on is their own position was almost beaten through……In 2021, the soy wine market is a bit unruly, not political, not reasonable, and seems to be getting out of control.A lot of brands in the investment when the encounter “goods to the ground dead”, a large number of traditional wine merchants doing sauce wine dream, after buying a batch of sauce wine beyond their own consumption limits, fell back to the dream of waking moments, their own storehouse stored a pile of wine, sell and sell not to move, can only keep their slowly digest.Most of the traditional wine merchants who have experienced this kind of situation, whether they have been brand developers, liquor dealers or terminal retailers, have been greatly discouraged after setting foot in the distribution circle of soy wine.Mr. Zhang from hebei originally do health products business, a few years ago by a friend introduction, exposed to the maotai a raise all sauce wine brand, afterwards listen to a few times, the brand owner after think sauce wine market “, think of all the brand to raise the marketing model over other manufacturers, passion in your heart, then invited to maotai visited winery, after come back,Mr. Zhang decided to represent the wine, developed a group of crowdfunding shareholders, and received a shipment at the winery’s request.After again, in order to complete the assessment indicators, Mr Zhang again and again to replenish onr’s stock, but after replenish onr’s stock, although there are sales market, but product pin is not, as is the original brand owner boasting, advancing in the local market is also with his original cognitive and imagine there is a big discrepancy, zhang friends and wine are stacked in the warehouse, into more less,Having fun with friends, entertaining clients, drinking more, and actually selling less money back.Later, Mr. Zhang realized that China’s soy wine market is really chaotic, reliable and unreliable, and it really needs a pair of discernable eyes.It took Mr. Chang three or four years to digest the shipments of wine he had brought in on the “Risk” express.When looking back, Mr. Zhang said, did not expect sauce wine market water so deep, next time must find a reliable distillery, reliable brand cooperation, in recent years, although selling wine did not make money, but earn a drink tube enough.In the soy wine industry, there are many bosses like Mr. Zhang who fry stocks and become shareholders, real estate and landlord, and soy wine and become “heavy consumers”.In 2021, the soy wine market is hot, but cold, but hot.In addition to those leading enterprises, the strength of the new “sauce”, quality rooted, sauce wine in the field of recognition are still popular, the vast majority of OEM products to Maotai Town, have felt the cold wind, which has the impact of demand contraction, but also the epidemic on consumption inhibition and other factors.Perhaps in 2022, there is no distillery, no base wine, to small workshop OEM, under the banner of feelings, contaminated with flashy deceptive marketing, high price and low quality, break the bottom line of conscience, turn sand string wine posing as kun sha……Such as bad liquor, all will be thrown into the “Risk” express, to feel and experience the bumpy road.Those famous soy liquor brands in the market, in addition to maotai, Langjiu, Xijiu and other big brand dealers, will also be put into the “risk train” because of the pressure of the huge inventory.All because, against the central economic work conference spirit, against high quality development, against the market behavior of the industry, all in the name of the new formats run amok, excessive speculation, excessive marketing and kill the business model, consumers will be disgust and abandoned, also will be harmed sauce wine market and in the future.2021 is a landmark year. This kind of chaos will not be accomplished in a day. It is the gradual accumulation of various potential energy.Sauce wine market in the end how disorderly, look at the following six chaos, look at those fish in troubled waters, want to make quick money OEM people waving sickle, wave after wave to cut the appearance of the distributor leek know.One of chaos: the traditional production areas are in disorder, presenting an embarrassing state of disorder in business format, brand and quality.Maotai, as it were, as the main sauce wine regions in China, in a “jam” flying, “paste” schools of thought contend situation, formed the big manufacturers selling bar code, the small manufacturer sells wine merchants concept, “dirty”, the core region sell fakes, investors sell branded, the situation of “maotai” flying across the country, so that a knowledgeable consumers make up a phrase to remind you:Maotai town, buy wine to be careful;Long hair non – old wine, bottle brush soy sauce…Disorderly elephant 2: the new brand is disorderly, what kind of name dares to start, what kind of package dares to use, what kind of concept dares to think, what kind of cowhide dares to blow.No winery on the “set”;No base wine on the acquisition of off-brand base wine, inferior base wine;”Make up” without history;There is no culture on the “imitation”, who want to maximize the interests, who want to rub The light of Maotai, who want to steal the brand value of Maotai Town, so there has been a large number of investors flooding into Maotai Town looking for small winery OEM scene, so there has been a sand-turning, channel wine posing as high quality good wine,In order to circle the money to design equity crowdfunding, soil buried qianjin altar and other types of MLM business model to play the pyramid game to steal the fish…All of these fully reflect people’s eagerness for quick success and instant benefit under the sauce wine fever.In this chaotic situation, henan, Guangdong, the number of newly added soy wine brands to count by thousands, the upsurge, it seems that everyone wants to go to Maotai town to stick a brand, as a sauce wine boss.This mentality and pie making have caused great interference and harm to the soy wine market, soy wine industry, regular wineries and regular brands.Disorderly elephant three: some old brand, big brand domineering marketing, set up, into the bureau of dealers always everywhere in the store to feel the pain of bullying customers.The consistent routine of these big brands is, advertising open, strategic calculation, policy inducement, and so on the dealer is locked in their own chariot, and then by the dealer created by the formation of the market potential to force the dealer pressure goods.In the end, manufacturers eat corn, kill the goose that lays the golden egg, dealers complain, stock up to business, consumption port can not open, wine table consumption pry not move, drink do not want to drink, sell can not be sold, channel link formation blockage, dealers such as yan Lake inventory.The brand of overdraw the future of the industry at the cost of seeking their immediate interests.Chaos four: the product depends on imitation, development depends on blowing.The origin of the liquor craze lies in the mutual attraction, mutual promotion, mutual tolerance and mutual achievement of capital and market.But in product concept, design concept, marketing model and so on has been mined to the end of the world, some people who do not want to use their brains will embark on the road of plagiarism, packaging plagiarism foreign wine, brand edge wine, business model plagiarism peer, concept plagiarism Internet…In addition to copying, these people have another habit: blowing.The development model is blown to dealers, the investment performance is blown to potential customers, the scale of enterprises is blown to consumers, the brand culture is blown by advertising, there is nothing to blow, just spend money to buy a few MEDALS, and then draw a pie, blow the future, blow the market value……It seems not to blow out a hundred billion billion are embarrassed, the largest cattle directly blew their future market value to the size of yanghe and Luzhou Laojiao combined market value.Chaos 5: quality depends on the ball.Sauce wine fever attracted capital, capital leverage Maotai Town, many investors came to OEM products, in order to maximize the benefits of knowing that the winery they choose is small, shallow foundation, poor technology, a large number of low-price inferior base wine, after mixing and posing as good wine sales.The product has no popularity and market reputation, they spend money to invite “experts” in the industry to do the tasting, and the “experts” take the red envelope in their left hand and endorse the right foot platform.In this respect, the sauce wine brand is willing to spend money, obviously in order to package themselves, make themselves very powerful, such as large wineries, famous wineries…Chaos six: environmental awareness is indifferent.Nowadays, the government’s policies on environmental protection are being strongly closed, and violations of environmental protection laws and regulations are being investigated more and more strictly, which forces enterprises to constantly improve their awareness of environmental protection and environmental governance ability.But tangible environmental protection violation good tube, invisible conscience good and evil bad tube.Some sauce wine brands to outside the plastic image, introspection cost, the outer packaging made into luxury “junk”, let consumers think it is a high grade ceramic with glass paint, with the excessive packaging produced with formaldehyde, heavy metal exceeds bid “dirty” box, extensive use of inferior “dirty” excessive amounts of glue, chemical pollution, environmental pollution of a bubble,The seemingly high-grade and luxurious wine box is actually the “pollution source”…Can not hide the impetuous as sauce wine heat and come, is the industry can not hide the impetuous.Maotai as sauce is one of the oldest wine, take the lead in setting up and shape quality consciousness, brand, corporate social responsibility consciousness, benchmarking maotai region image, but the leader make money effect, followed in maotai, hope after ceng sauce wine heat of large and small enterprises and brands but not as maotai wish, into the variety, multifarious traders,Have brought countless associations to the industry.Lack of money, lack of resources, lack of contacts, and want to play a sauce wine, chose equity crowdfunding, and eventually become a minority of people to make money most people were cut leek pyramid game, even the famous PE investment bank were fooled, dropped the pit paid IQ tax;Those who want to keep up with the trend and boast that they are familiar with the Internet started to play crowd innovation through the media of soy wine, which turned out to be a game of money circle.The earth buried a thousand jins altar, create concepts, engage in stunts, pull head marketing, the result became a pyramid scheme, the brand not only with the purchase of inferior base wine to make a huge profit, but also because the wine was buried in Maotai town need not take away, so you can evade taxes;Some enterprises ignore the national law, sell very few invoices, through a variety of means to evade taxes, seriously disrupted the market order;Some brand developers in order to let their style towering, they create a variety of marketing scenes false prosperity, ceng celebrities, ceng feelings, listed companies ceng sauce wine to pull up the share price, ST stock ceng sauce wine repair performance……Above these sauce wine strange appearance, in the bone deduces a word “float!Manic!”This mentality has not only damaged maotai’s reputation, but also spawned an army of “medal traffickers”, attracting overseas people to sell “pheasant prizes” at home.As we all know, the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition was held by the United States to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal. The venue was located in San Francisco. Why?Because the jurisdiction of the panama canal was belong to the United States, so, after 1915, the U.S. government and public rights institution has not yet held similar activities, but one hundred years later, suddenly in China from the 105th, 106th, 107th X Ma Wanguo exposition, the winners are basically China’s agricultural products, tea, small winery, etc.Participants did not go to the United States to participate in the exhibition, attend the conference, receive the prize, all in China to pay, receive the prize, it is said that not only inexpensive, but also can bargain.Information about the exhibition from the 2nd to the 104th is not available on the all-powerful Internet.How valuable is the prize at such an event, apart from the pheasant award, which can be worn by the winning company?How much credibility can it have?Some people say that a deep into the sauce door like the sea, there are people everywhere cut leek, collect IQ tax, in sauce wine behind the heat, capital to make quick money as it is., of course, although in the agitation of universal sauce wine, and hast not want sauce wine industry, based on long-term investments rooted brand, responsibility, conscience capital investors, but profit-seeking, hopes to earn a quick buck, borrow wine sauce hot plot rich overnight are abundant, they hope to stick a card money, subject hype to achieve their purpose,Most of these investors are fishing in troubled waters. The aftereffects they bring to Maotai town are not fatal, but will affect the pace of development of Maotai Town as the largest soy wine producing area in China.(The writer is deputy secretary general of The Tongdi Think Tank)