10 cross-city and county bus lines in Haikou resumed operation from 14 o ‘clock on April 3

2022-05-29 0 By

In order to implement the precise prevention and control requirements of the epidemic, properly solve the daily travel problems of people in chengmai old towns, and smooth the connectivity between Haicheng and Haicheng,Haikou Bus Group is scheduled to resume operation of 10 cross-city and county bus lines, including 35 road, 55 road, 55 road, 57 road 57 fast, 59 road, 59 road, 59 road, 59 station express, 204 road, 212 road, etc.At that time, the bus will be optimized according to the characteristics of the passenger flow of the line, to ensure the public transport needs.Haikou Bus Group reminds you that the current epidemic prevention and control situation is grim. Please cooperate with bus operators and passengers to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and give some understanding and support, so that we can work together to fight against the epidemic and jointly build a solid bus defense line for epidemic prevention and control.The public can pay attention to the “Haikou Public Transport Group” wechat public account or use the “Coconut City Citizen Cloud” APP and bus customer service hotline “66663066” to understand the line dynamics.(Zhang Lei from Haikou Bus Group)