Warning: Don’t eat!Don’t eat!Don’t eat!

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With the recent rise in temperature, sugarcane has been popular among foodies because of its sweet and juicy taste. However, it is prudent to eat sugarcane around Qingming Festival.Have you heard the saying?”Qingming cane, poison snake” poisoning?!Why on earth?The truth is — it is not the cane itself that has poisoned the snake, but the moldy and discolored “red” or “black” cane!In spring, the temperature warms up and the air is humid. At this time, it is the period when plant pathogenic bacteria become active. Sugarcane pathogenic bacteria will also invade the cane stem through the knife wound or wormhole.Only qingming cane poison than viper?Can you still eat it if you cut off the moldy part?Let’s find out!Will moldy sugar cane poisoning kill you?Moldering sugar cane produces a neurotoxin, 3-nitropropionic acid, a toxic metabolite produced by a few species, including Penicillium and Aspergillus.3- nitro propionic acid this toxin is really fierce, have toxic effect to a variety of animals, be absorbed after entering human body, come on urgently, it is 10 minutes to 10 hours commonly.Cause central nervous system damage in a short time, resulting in brain edema, headache, severe convulsions, leg stiffness like chicken feet, pupil dilation;Serious can lead to ischemia, respiratory failure and death.There are also some patients who are poisoned by sugarcane toxin, leaving sequelae such as language and movement disorders.Which sugarcane is inedible?Can the moldy parts be cut down and the remaining sugarcane eaten?Soft, discolored, wine taste, long hair, red sugar cane are not recommended to eat.If it is found that the sugar cane becomes soft, the core is darker than the normal sugar cane, brown or red, and smells of mildew or lees. This is moldy red sugar cane. Do not buy it, and it is found that it is bad to discard it in time.Many people think they can cut off the moldy parts of sugarcane and eat the rest.In fact, this is a fatal mistake.When bacteria invade sugarcane, the mycelium can extend. Even if the moldy part is cut off, the remaining sugarcane has a large amount of toxin invisible to the naked eye.Is cane juice still drinkable?If sugarcane mildew, it is possible to produce toxins, sellers or do not know the harm of sugarcane mildew toxin, reluctant to throw directly juicing, such sugarcane juice may contain a higher amount of toxins, the risk of poisoning is greater, therefore, pressed good “finished sugarcane juice” is best not to drink.In case eat moldy cane how to deal with?Emergency key points and treatment of the incubation period is short, 10 minutes to 17 hours, most of the onset of 2 to 8 hours after eating.The initial symptoms of poisoning are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, followed by headache, dizziness, blurred vision, vision or double vision, weakness of the lower limbs, and inability to stand.Severe vomiting, stool was black, hematuria, fever, trance, paroxysmal convulsions, convulsions head back, limb rigidity, two arms after flexion, both hands were chicken claw shape, two eyeballs upward biased side gaze, pupils loose, clenched teeth, sweating, drooling, loss of consciousness, and then into a coma.Patients may die of dry respiratory failure, and survivors may be left with severe neurological sequelae, similar to those of encephalitis, leading to lifelong disability.Patients with early poisoning are given a quick gastric lavage or enema to remove the poison.The patient was rushed to the hospital for treatment.Therefore, for everyone’s health, we must pay special attention not to eat moldy sugar cane oh!Comprehensive: Guangzhou Daily, Hangzhou Traffic 918 source: news fang