The big Beasts of the East rise!Lebron will be passed, Giannis antetokounmpo will lose his place, and the MVP will go to his family

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This article introduction article | snow said basketball with the regular season schedule, the regular season MVP awards competition has gradually become white-hot, about the MVP awards, has been three years in a row is the inside players, and this season could still was born in a post player, such as letters, jochebed, bede, defender in May, of course,But personally, I tend to the grace of the 76 people than Germany, because recently he was really too good, in a different injury or other problems in the other top teams, grace than over 76 people, lead in quietly to grow, the premise is still missing another big core simmons, so no matter from the aspects of the team or individual strength, I want to vote for boon than Germany.The MVP award is based on personal strength, scoring per game and team contributions. The team’s record is not at the top, but it is not at the bottom of the league. The team’s attendance rate should be at least 87 percent.A final vote is taken to win the MVP award.Last year’s MVP went to Denver’s Jokic, who played in 72 games last season and averaged 26.4 points, 10.8 rebounds, 8.3 assists and 1.3 steals for a team that finished third in the Western Conference.There are three reasons for me to pick Embiid. First, he’s one of the best scorers in the league.Embiid, a breakout star in 2014 with a career average of 25.3 points per game, is third in the league with a career-high 29 points per game, 0.1 behind James and 0.3 behind Durant. In his current form, it’s not a problem to surpass those two, as Durant is sidelined for four to six weeks due to injury,With the lakers back in the lineup, lebron James will be less offensive, so Embiid has a good chance to be the scoring champion.And efficiency well than Germany, the communist party of China in the past four games played 128 minutes, a total of 170 points, 1.32 points per minute, averaging 32 minutes of playing time can get 35 points and 10 rebounds, gruesome, he not only has excellent basket singles, and fastbreak driving and three point shooting 38%, attack technology is very comprehensive.Second, Embiid is a great learner.When embiid entered the league, he averaged 20+8 per game, but his offensive skills were not at the top of the league. Over the course of several seasons, he improved, especially in terms of organization.Because before simmons has always been the excellent organization and his partner, hand than does not need too many attacks, but today he lack of a partner, he organization ability gradually improve a lot, averaging 4.3 assists this season, is his career high with assists data, when his rival, two people, he is able to find the perimeter and Seth green garage,And sabre cutting to the basket, so the lack of Simmons is being filled by Embiid.Third, Embiid has been an excellent leader for the team.Remember well than DE by Leonard dead after channel after the game in the playoffs in the cry, when he was 24 years old, it has been three years than Germany is no longer the beaten cry boy, he learned how to better take responsibility, how to better to be a team leader, 76 people in the last season the situation so much good cases was defeated by the eagle,New season again meet simmons is absent, than Germany did not give up, but through their own ability to improve step by step, lead the team to go forward, since 7 wins in a row on December 27, 76 people recently won 12 3 record, winning percentage also arrived at 59.6%, although the sixth in the east, but the gap is very small, the top five and only 1, 2 games,That was largely due to Embiid’s superb play.As the schedule wears on, if Embiid continues to be as productive as he is, he could very well win the first MVP award of his career. I’d like to use the word “dominant” to describe embiid’s performance on both ends of the court, as teammate Erse Harris put it:”What he’s done this season is very special. He’s been dominant all year. The way he plays is fantastic.”