“Leaning city sigh: dumb concubine in chaotic times” he is the hero unruly life in chaotic times, but to her pet god

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Nice to meet you. What kind of novels have you been reading at home recently?Are there enough books?With all kinds of novels emerging in an endless stream, are we all picky?So I will push books to everyone, hurriedly collect together # refuse book waste # Today to give you liann is: “Leaning city sigh: chaotic world dumb concubine” he is unruly in the chaotic world hero, only to her pet god first: “Leaning city sigh: chaotic world dumb concubine” author: flowers fall clear dream snow into the pit guide:Faint, although beiling night coma, there is still a sense of strong support, he knew that Ling wanted to leave alone, vaguely remember ling said to oneself a person back to Qi what, but because of the power of medicine, beiling night but can not open his eyes, then fell asleep.’Spirit!North ling night a wake up, hurriedly to call a way outside.(click the following link to watch novel) second: “on the safety preferred the world unique” author: green pear into pits guidelines: pour also ink to nod, front air a twist, a black bird appear out of thin air, he move, up a point in the past, a respectful voice greeted the ears: “magic statue of adult, que Kong palace palace Lord through!””Phoenix Lord out?”Pour also ink immediately exultation, complexion excited station to ice coffin side, lift hand across the thick ice stroked that pale face: “clear son, chicken Lord pass you have saved!The Chicken owner possesses the que l ‘angrong thousands of years of inheritance of the net bone beads, only need to absorb a trace of bone aura can let a person back to life.Of course, you lost the pure bone bead, this honor will help you get back!”Pour also ink fundus surging up long unseen glory, ordered a way: “bearer, things first withdraw down.”The “magic honour!This……”Subordinate see him, see lie in ice coffin yan Qing son again, want to speak but stop.Is the wedding going to end?Xu is heard the good news, inclined also ink mood good, the corners of the mouth with a smile, lang sheng way: “this honour to wait for the clear son wake up, make her a more grand wedding!”Voice with faint joy spread throughout the devil house, also again in jing Ying heart tied up a knife!Pain!(Click the following link to watch the novel) the third book: “The emperor’s heart and confusion of the enemy concubine Duo Jiao” author: Ling July into the pit guide: “Mo er, you are willing to marry north Qing long princess – Nangong Qing to do your side concubine?”Minister there are no objections, Dragon zhaoxian turned to dragon qianmo asked.Think of nangong fine that proud jiao temper, dragon qianmo is a headache, now he even nangong glass and if pity can not do, nangong fine like jealousy, and always with nangong glass discord, if she married back to the house, the palace is not every day have to make chicken fly dog jump.But the current situation, as long as the two countries to jointly attack the Wei Liang, that he also naturally promised to marry Nangong Qing.Unable to refuse, Long Qianmo can only bear the brunt of the promise, “the north Qing emperor a good intention, not hesitate to marry the eldest daughter to son son when the side room, son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son son marriage, but by the father emperor decision!””So very good, I this write a letter, to the north qing emperor’s reply, if there is no other matter, love qing, then scattered toward it!”I wait to send the emperor, my emperor long live long live!”The voices of all the ministers echoed from the hall.(Click the following link to watch the novel) “Leaning city Sigh: Dumb concubine in chaotic times” he is unruly hero in chaotic times, but to her pet god today’s recommendation to here!Like small partners can give a thumbs-up to support oh.If you have any books you want to read, you can also leave a message to me below, xiaobian will be able to see oh, looking forward to your message!