Jin Boyang: Hanyu’s spirit is incredible and I will definitely keep skating

2022-05-28 0 By

February 10 – Kim Boyang in the men’s individual free skating event, yuzuru Hanyu in the 4A challenge (Axel quadruple jump) finally ranked in the 4th.”In the last Olympics, we were probably thinking about MEDALS, but this time, we are all thinking about breaking through ourselves and winning the spiritual gold medal,” Jin said in an interview after the match.Jin Boyang further expressed that continuous self-improvement is the spirit of sports and Olympic spirit.”I feel sorry for him, really, I wish he could do it in his third Winter Olympics,” Kim said of hanyu’s 4A challenge.Although he failed, I believe that as long as he always believes in himself and keeps challenging, he will be able to complete the competition successfully in the future.”On whether she will continue to be active in figure skating like Yuzuru Hanyu, Jin boyang said, “I definitely want to keep skating. I want to keep on skating and continue to show my spirit in the competition to encourage more Chinese people to participate in ice and snow sports.I hope more children can skate and become a future force of China’s figure skating.”Source: Live