Jia Yanfeng: CSL will cut salary by 3 million before tax!It was supposed to be 2 million, but 16 teams objected

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The Chinese Super League (CSL) is likely to lower the maximum salary for local players from 5 million yuan before tax last season to 3 million yuan before tax, according to the FOOTBALL newspaper. Journalist Jia Yanfeng revealed that 16 clubs opposed the 2 million yuan reduction originally proposed by the FOOTBALL Association.The salary of professional players in China has reached the ceiling for more than a decade. Before the CSL cut wages last season, the highest annual salary for local players was 1,200 yuan for international players.If coupled with the signing fee of national players can reach tens of millions of yuan, as well as such and such rich bonuses, it can be said that in the past ten years, Chinese local players have created a group of tens of millions, or even billionaire players!The average salary of players in the Chinese Super League was reported to have reached the average level of the top five European leagues in that year. Although foreign players accounted for most of the excessive salary, Chinese players also had a vested interest in the rising tide.But with their low level, ability and results, they earned much more than their average level, which is equivalent to the income of players in the five major leagues. That is why we have only one Wu Lei playing in the five major leagues in the past ten years.In fact, although Wu Lei took less abroad, but it is reported that there are still some compensatory measures to its stay abroad.Wei shihao, who played abroad in his youth but soon returned to the Chinese Super League, bluntly told the media: “It is so easy to make big money in the Chinese Super League.”Some people might say, from 10 million yuan a year in those days to 3 million yuan a year now, only a quarter of what they used to be, don’t the players play even less well?Are there fewer kickers?First, who, apart from those with vested interests in football, would consider Chinese players “virtuous matches” relative to their social contributions?If you follow the market rules, you cannot create the corresponding value, and of course you cannot always get a very high return that deviates from the value. Therefore, no matter what the reason for the salary cut is, in essence, it still comes from the social value created by Chinese football, which does not deserve the same return as the average salary of the five major European leagues!Secondly, if the salary of local players drops to 3 million yuan, is it true that no one will play or not play?First, how well can the current crop of players play, if they do?It’s safe to say that with this group of people, or players developed under such a high salary system, there is no hope for many years to come!”Don’t even have a face, even lost Vietnam”, what else can you do?- Is it the same as Vietnam?Secondly, the era before “Jinyuan football”, but is the best era of Chinese football — this shows that it is not a lot of salary, football must have a good development!Even in Argentina and Brazil, soccer powerhouses in The Americas, the salary of their local players is not very high. It can be said that the annual salary of Chinese players is 3 million yuan or 5 million yuan, which is equivalent to the salary of ordinary Brazilian local players. But what is their level?And us?This is why some fans say: the annual salary of 3 million yuan is too high!Third, of course, artificial setting the highest salary, its really reasonable and scientific, this is really worth discussing.Professional football should still respect the real market rules and professional characteristics. In fact, CSL’s salary system can learn from NBA’s overall salary cap system, which sets salary limit on the whole team, but in a team, who has a higher level gets more, maybe it is more scientific and reasonable?Fourth, why in this season only Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Shenhua do not owe wages (it is reported that now Shenhua’s major shareholders due to their own difficulties, also want to quit), but why these 16 clubs are not willing to lower the annual salary of 2 million yuan?Some people say: the club is afraid that the players will not play well, or do not want to play – this can only make people ha Ha, do not believe it, the salary limit to 1 million a year, these people and others will still play!A net friend said: the annual salary is too little, the club is not good off account?If the clubs are spending tens of billions of dollars, how easy it is to get off the books – although these words have no basis, but have to make people ponder: why do our Super league clubs lose hundreds of millions of dollars every year, but still play football?All ten years of constantly giving underperforming players raises?Turn on the motor in your brain and make a good association…In fact, like any other industry, our football is also a “circle” — a circle that not only has the interests of the players, but also more and greater interests. And the interests in these circles are obviously mutually beneficial and mutually damaging. The people in this circle are all stakeholders!For example, a certain football media person who criticized Lippi wildly, the so-called “godfather of youth training”, why treat with him to communicate with each other, embrace warm Li Tie so firmly support?Only others are “ball blind, diode”, and he is “the most knowledgeable person in China today”?Let’s listen to a media commentator commenting on Li tie’s video after class: “Any circle controls its outsiders on the premise of controlling information!Inside the circle are happy to count the ocean, outside the circle of you, still in the ‘silly white sweet’ to discuss the football association as;What tactics are suitable for the Yellow race;Naturalized or indigenous “and so on.””A particularly vicious circle usually contains one salient feature: it is called ‘sharing sweet with sharing bitter’.”‘ The Chinese team should be led by the Chinese ‘– remember that?This sentence and Li Tie behind the remarks, in fact, is not what the waves of speech “.”But note, this other words out the next day, and we have a legend, the current insider comments immediately, he said, ‘China should not only brought by the Chinese, the Chinese national team at all levels should take” by the Chinese, the words, he is like a current and the unemployed in online resume, wish to use the words of the li3 tie3,To find long-term direction for yourself and all people in your circle — a typical message to control the way people outside the circle think.””Not to suffer, but for sweet – national team first six games, played really is not very good, but, but the circle of people, all kinds of legend, the former international, before the retired people, with ‘come on, support, tactical thinking is up for debate and so on words, one by one to support the current national team coaches, why?It is a great honor for the people in the circle that the domestic coaches can achieve results.”…When the stories about li Tie’s brokerage company and job occupation began to come to light, did a former celebrity and a former professional, even for a second, talk about it?No, not one!Talk, talk, wasn’t it all good to talk, good to fool?Where’s your gas?Where’s your support?””What did Liu Huaqiang say?– ‘I’m giving you a chance now, you’re useless.’ Why don’t they talk, not even for a second?Because they are participants in all these things!That’s a circle!””…Once again, I want to tell you that the future of this industry has nothing to do with the people and things in this industry.Five words: ‘Law and education’!””When the majority of people in an industry choose not to speak up about bad things, the industry has a big problem!’River’s lake is not fighting and killing, but the way of the world’ — ok, I reply to you with the lines of Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs: ‘The way of the world is it?Well, tell that to the judge!'” Indeed, now Li Tie after class, the media exposure and related to a lot of problems, have not been clear;There is tianjin Teda team thing, is “the coming storm full house”, perhaps is a strong confirmation of this media comment!