God is not fair!Why do some people not skin care skin is very good!

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Many people will have such a question, why some people do not skin care is very good?In fact, the good or bad skin is related to many factors, skin care is only one of them, is not the most critical factor.What factors do skin quality depend on?1. Genetic Inheritance Some people are born with good skin and have great skin condition even with simple skin care.Heredity determines the basic structure and nature of skin, determines skin quality, skin color, skin fineness and so on.But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do nothing and splurge, and follow up on your skincare routine.2, the living environment skin is good or bad also depends on the living environment, if the climate in the area is humid, the light is not strong, the skin is generally fair, moist.If you are in an area with strong UV rays, your skin will be darker.In addition to the living environment, also consider the living environment.If the living environment is good, food and clothing, work in the indoor environment, the skin is generally not bad.If always rain or shine, work outdoors for a long time, the skin will be worse.3. Lifestyle Habits can also affect a person’s skin condition, especially sleep and diet.The person that stays up late everyday, skin condition won’t be particularly good, skin color is dark sink, skin flabby, the skin problem such as prolapse can follow.Diet will also affect the skin, lack of nutrition, skin is easy to age.Often eat too spicy, or take in too much sugar, will also appear skin problems.4, emotional factors when the pressure is relatively large, endocrine will appear disorder, oil secretion is too exuberant, will give rise to a lot of acne.For a long time, surrounded by negative emotions, the skin will age faster, all day long scowl, or frown, the skin will become worse and worse.A good mood will have a positive effect on the skin, sunny people, skin will be more healthy, ruddy and shiny.Gu Ailing 5, skin care under the same circumstances, skin care and not skin care, there will be a significant difference;The difference between people who can take care of their skin and those who can’t is even greater.Some people take the wrong way to protect skin, and even let the skin state become worse and worse, such as excessive cleaning, repeated skin care, skin care, etc.Admittedly, some people are born with good skin, but they are in the minority.Your skin depends on many factors, and genetics is just one of them.Want scientific skin care, have correct skin care concept, and have good living habits, know how to protect skin, only pay hard to have harvest.