Ningde: Riding green in Chinese New Year

2022-05-27 0 By

Southeast network February 5 news (Fujian Daily reporter Shan Zhiqiang correspondent CAI Xueling Wang Tingting) 4 days, morning light, fuding tongshan creek on both sides, people walking or running, or riding in teams, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the joy of sports.”The 155 members of the association come from all walks of life and it has become a New Year custom for us to celebrate the Chinese New Year by cycling.This Spring Festival, as usual, we organized Spring Festival riding activities to strengthen our body and welcome the Winter Olympics.”Fuding city outdoor sports Association president Hong Naiguo said.”As long as there is life, there is movement. For me, the happiness of a city may lie in the cycling experience.”Veteran Koh Boon Hui, who has been cycling for 30 years, likes to follow the source of Tongshan Creek.Xu wenhui said, the earth embankment turned green road, go out to see the scenery, now the cycling environment is better and better.”This Spring Festival, we will welcome the Winter Olympics by cycling, cheering for the Olympic athletes!””As the 2022 Winter Olympics begin, I have been following news about the Games every day.We will carry forward the Chinese sportsmanship and promote fitness for all.”Zheng Jiajie, a senior three student, has been cycling at least once a week since he got a bike in grade two.National fitness, winter Olympics counterparts.In Fuding, more and more people are taking an active part in fitness exercise in different ways.”I wish the Winter Olympic athletes tiger Tiger sheng Wei!””I wish the Winter Olympics a complete success!”Hong Nai-guo and the cycling team rode bicycles roaring past, the sound of blessing resounded in our ears.Source: southeast Net