Full-length love and abuse of the Republic of China legendary novel “Liyuan Yinhate” 102

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“What’s the use of knowing how to do something?Those who do work are minions; those who do not are young ladies.Young lady will be pleasing, what kind of face does a slave have to say such things to you?”Shangguan Zhaodi vent unhappiness.”Call Hu Qiuchan to paste clothes for your father, certainly better than Zhaodi do, isn’t it?”Qin Lanbud want to shangguan Zhaodi out, deliberately hurt her.”Sister, how can you say so?”Yang dong Sheng blushed a little and gave no explanation.”You misunderstand me and her, too.””Don’t bully my cousin in future.What do you mean ‘narrow-minded’?Narrow-minded can paste a suit for your father?”Qinlan bud ling teeth teeth said Yang Dong Sheng on pins and needles.Shangguan zhaodi afraid he embarrassed him to protect him.Aunt Zhang kua guan Zhaodi good nature, is a lantern are difficult to find a good daughter-in-law, teach him to hurt her.Yang Dongsheng nodded and heard a car passing outside the front door, and a long whistle sounded. He wondered if there was a car in the underworld, and how nice it would be for his father and adoptive mother to sit in the car.Aunt Zhang laughed at him and said melon words.Shangguan Zhaodi pretty sure agreed to do a car, let them in the afterlife also enjoy a blessing.”You really know how to make a car?”Yang Dong Sheng surprised to open big eyes, spoony hope at her.”You just don’t believe me;Run and get some reeds.”Shangguan Zhaodi urged way.Yang Dongsheng quickly found the reed pole.Shangguan Zhaodi neatly tied the car skeleton, paste black paper, with silver paper to do the window glass, then do the wheels, lights, a beautiful car made.Hear a sigh of praise, Qin GUI is talking about the drum chapter out of the living room, look is also gaped.Some musicians, younger students and younger students rushed to tell each other, and soon a circle of people gathered to watch.It was said that the “car” was made exactly like the real one. It was probably the only way for Generalissimo Chiang to sit.Yang Dongsheng looked at Shangguan zhaodi in the crowd’s praise, feeling very complicated.I wonder what the end will be after this evening?The heart is convulsed, rolling whirlpool.Get revenge and still stay in Xi ‘an?Can also be with the “Liang Yinshe” people together?He did not want to leave his foster father, sister Lanya, Shangguan Zhaodi…Opportunity knocks but once.He was the only one to avenge his father and foster mother.He is a man and must shoulder the burden.If he can destroy the devil who “covers the sky”, he must run away and look for his birth mother in the future.Can not waste miss Hu Qiuchan’s pains.Then he thought of the fan and shuddered.His this escape, foster father still can hold up “liang Yinshe” this banner?Everyone packed up the pasted things to the empty room opposite the drum zhang and cleaned the yard.Seeing that the sky was not early, Shangguan Zhaodi urged Yang Dongsheng to fetch water so that it was time to cook dinner. Yang Promised and went out of the courtyard with an empty pail.Shangguan Zhaodi hurried out of the kitchen for a while and saw Qin Lanya coming out of Yang Dong Sheng’s room. She was still wearing Yang Dong Sheng’s clothes, with a small wool curtain pocket on her shoulder and an old straw hat in her hand. She was dressed very clever and strange.Feeling strange and funny, he asked her what she was doing.Qin LAN bud did not answer her questions, told her not to tell others, then mysteriously out of the head door.Yang Dongsheng poured water into the jar and went back to his room. He ran out in the blink of an eye and pulled Shangguan Zhaodi out of the kitchen with fright.”Did you come into my room and get something?” he asked.”No.”She replied.”Where’s Sister Orchid?””Just out.She wears your clothes…”‘Oh dear!Yang Dongsheng stamped his foot and ran out of the yard.Shangguan Zhaodi shout he should not, think they two today zha so strange, mysterious?Suddenly his heart stirred, he rushed into his room, lifted the roll, and the pistol disappeared.She took a breath and ran after the door. Where could she see his shadow, where he was going?She perspired for them both and clasped her hands to pray that they would come back safe and sound.”Zhaodi, you, who are you waiting for?”When She had drunk wine again, She came back swinging.”No.Two elder brothers, can I help you back?””She said carelessly.”No, that’s all right.Orchid bud…She’s so good to me, if only.”When He pushed her aside, He sauntered through the door.”Wine…To relieve one’s heart…Hate, no, no wine…Zha except…Bitter and stuffy…”Qin Lanya put up a long braid hidden in a straw hat, came to Yao’s house nearby look, from time to time hand into the pocket of the wool curtain, touching the hard pistol.She restrained nervous and excited emotions, secretly pray for her mother can help her, let the old thief ‘to cover the sky’ fell under her gun.She waited anxiously for the old man’s car to turn up.The sun was setting and the western sky was ablaze with dark red fire clouds.The rust-colored glow seemed to set fire to the ancient city of Xi ‘an and destroy the heartless world.As it grew dark, the clouds became more dazzling, like a layer of plasma.When I took a breath, I could smell the smell of blood, and I felt as if I were standing in an execution ground, surrounded by bloody bodies.The car seemed to be the same as shangguan Zhaodi paste into the same car came over, honking, slowing down, waiting for the door to open.Qin Lanya quickly approached, took out the pistol, aimed at the window and pulled the trigger.”Bang…”Car glass was broken down, only to hear a scream inside the car, the car opened the door.”Arrest the assassin!Two gatekeepers shouted, rushed over, after qin Lanya turned to escape.Yang Dong Sheng wind and fire to come, face the qin LAN bud in a panic, need not ask known danger, pull her to run towards an alley.The patrolmen gave chase.He dragged her from alley to alley in the east and from alley to alley in the west, but she could not escape.”Follow me, you two…”A deep voice sounded behind them, and they both stopped, thinking it was a policeman.Qin Lanya suddenly pulled out a pistol, turned back to the man, a look turned out to be Mr. Han Qiu, just a sigh of relief, hurriedly put away the pistol.Mr. Hanqiu watched them in a panic, heard the Shouting, and knew that they were in trouble. He dragged Qin Lanya into the front door of a house to hide. Yang Dongsheng ran to the street alone, attracting the police.”What are you doing with a pistol, Miss Ransom?”Mr Hancho’s mouth fell open in surprise and thought.”I came to avenge my mother by killing her enemy.Shot, I don’t know the old thief dead or alive?”She was so excited that she burst into tears.”Oh my god?!”Mr Hancho looked at her bitterly. ‘Does revenge have to be murder?Can you get away with killing him?””Thank you.I’m going to find the winter sheng.”Qin Lanya lost her straw hat, took off her coat and walked out the door.They hurried to the street and saw a group of police escorting Yang Dongsheng past.Qin Lanya want to rush over to save, Mr Han Autumn stopped, watched him being taken away by them.”Did he have a pistol?”‘asked Mr Hancho.”No.I shot him, I killed him…”The mood of qin Lanbud complex frankly said.He felt that Yang Dongsheng did not have a pistol, did not appear at the scene, will be all right, and said that tomorrow to police bail him.She thanked him, and he refused to take her back.