Forget the iPhone SE3 and check out the iQOO 9 and Redmi K50 esports. Either one is better than Apple

2022-05-27 0 By

The iPhone SE3 is said to be coming out in March or April, and I predict it will be a “flop” like the iPhone SE before it, with a good chance of going the way of the iPhone 13mini.The reason is simple: The iPhone SE is Apple’s entry-level model, with a hefty premium and very low specs.The iPhone SE3 hasn’t been released yet, but the specs are largely predictable.Things like the old A-series chip, probably the A15 chip, plus the old bangs design, and possibly A less than 3,000 mah battery, are probably less than A thousand-dollar phone in the Android camp.For 3,000 yuan, you can get an iQOO 9, a Redmi K50 esports version, all of which are highly equipped to give you a better experience than apple.Not to mention the iQOO 9, the E5’s luminous texture and GN5 outsize bottom mean that it takes good photos and has a delicate screen, which is directly targeted at the iPhone 13 rather than the so-called entry-level “SE”.Red rice K50 e-sports version will also be released on February 16, the current exposure of the configuration is the end of abuse SE.Android’s largest vibrating motor, for example, means better vibration and better touch feedback when playing games, features that are only available on the higher-spec iPhone 13 series.In addition, K50 e-sports version is said to use 120W quick charge and 4700mAh battery, which means that the battery life of the whole machine is more significant, iPhone 13 fully charged the fastest also takes an hour, K50 e-sports version may be less than 20 minutes, and iPhone SE3 probability will be more than an hour of charging time, experience superior judgment.Moreover, what young people like is esports experience. Although iPhone can provide relatively smooth user quality, the disadvantage is that the configuration is placed in the ten thousand level iPhone 13 Pro Max.K50 e-sports version is said to be arranged on the mechanical shoulder keys, game peripherals are also designed in the body, more in line with the needs of young people to buy the phone.Of course, some people say that iOS is very easy to use, is the highlight of the Android camp can not match, I can only say that use a few phones, you will find android has its bright spot, the so-called less than a year of lag is completely nonsense.