Ye qing back!Guan Ling takes Yang Lixinlu vlog and shouts sweetly, “My father is still handsome”

2022-05-26 0 By

On January 27, Guan excitedly posted a vlog on social media, saying: “Praise my father!How many years has IT been since I Love My Family?Now meet or the most close!”In the video, Guan, 39, is dressed in a black suit, with makeup and a round, fleshy face that everyone remembers as the same.Then, Yang Lixin, who plays Jia Zhiguo in I Love My Family, showed up in a surprise appearance. He is 65 years old and still has black hair.When he met Yang Lixin, Guan leaned on his dad’s shoulder and praised him: “I’m good with a handsome guy. He’s better than Yang Lixin’s son.Yang Lixin laughed.The two stand together as if through back to the TV series in general, so that the net friend directly call: “Ye Qinghui!”