The king of ceng rice luo da United States, fancy ceng eat burst red network, the net friend says her “beggars help zhu”!

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Nowadays, through videos and the Internet, we can learn about all kinds of people every day, including stars, Internet celebrities, farmers and some workers or intellectuals.Recently, a beautiful female Internet celebrity, Luo Dabi, appeared on Douyin. Luo Dabi recently filmed a video of free food on Douyin, which has attracted 3 million followers.The online beauty has a face like a goose egg, big eyes and long curly black hair.But who would have thought, she now unexpectedly become a community of mooching master.Why would such a pretty girl go around begging for food?This period of son tooth tong Qu net red observation will take you to know this rub rice professional door.She goes by the online name Luo Dami.Through her videos, we can see that when others are on a blind date, she can pretend to be someone familiar with them to sponge dinner.When he left, he took a big plastic bag to pack the rest away.They thought she was the other’s friend and said nothing.She would also go to a hotel to sponge on food, even if there were a table full of strangers, and she would shamelessly find an excuse to do so.Or even go to a restaurant alone.When she was leaving, the boss asked her to check out. She said she didn’t need to check out because it was left over from the previous person.The boss could do nothing about her.Some netizens joked: Why not call the police and teach such people a lesson?There are also a lot of netizens in the understanding smile said this kind of person is really annoying.One of her most funny videos is that a rural woman is eating a duck leg at the door. Luo Damei dipped the residue and oil stains on both sides of the woman’s mouth with the steamed bread skin and wrapped it into the steamed bread skin and continued to eat.This makes the woman is very embarrassed, also embarrassed to continue to eat, put the duck leg to Luo Damei, this is her idea, Luo Damei and free rub a duck leg to eat.The beautiful luo Damei sister, she is always in her various free meals to show us a family in the ordinary life.Let us understand the earth’s fireworks, the original can also be so beautiful, the relationship between people can also be so close.Even if neighbors are friends, they can get along like family.I can remember that in her first video, Luo Dami was wearing a black dress. At the beginning, she stood with two hands behind her back in the huge courtyard of the community and sang her adapted version of the moon at the top of her voice. I am looking up, on the first floor, whose ribs are stewed, oh, really TM sweet.From then on, we can see luo Da-mei’s uninhibited character.And Lo Dami is also extremely talented, and a talented foodie.The sweet smell of the stewed ribs of the neighbor’s house floated out from the window, and she quickly ran over to ceng rice, really worthy of being ceng rice king.Then I saw a video, copywriting: just moved over the neighbor, home conditions are very good ah, braised pork can afford to eat.Then she put her two evil hands into the plate of braised pork, grabbed the biggest braised pork and stuffed it into her mouth.In her various dining videos, She always wears elaborate makeup and fashionable clothes.She is good at exaggerating how she frees for food.Then tease is watching her video audience belly laugh, think this clever wench is really lively and lovely.What is most memorable about her, and what is most memorable about her, is the two chopsticks stuck in her head. Those two chopsticks are her weapons of battle, her most powerful weapons against visitors.Of course, in times of peace, mass entertainment is also colorful.Today’s luo Da Mei, we refer to it as the free meal blogger, she is also in this opportunity to appear in front of the public.It is said that culture is diverse and contains a lot of culture. Our current network culture is also a part of culture.Luo Dami brought a video of free food.Among them, all kinds of entertainment and funny events really enrich our life.Brought us a lot of joy, so that many people can be used to relax after busy work.Returning to luo Damei herself, we can also learn a lot of useful things from her.For example, Luo Damei started “we media” as an Internet celebrity, which brought the development of society alive.It also reflects that the life level of Chinese people is slowly improving.Internet users who have watched Douyin know that being different must be a very important style of Luo Dami, and her video is “unique” in Douyin.Luo Damei this girl can also be said to be a very “magical” character, in fact, in her quiet time is also very beautiful, we can say that it is moving like a rabbit, quiet like a virgin ah.She is in that community person fearsome character, every family see her come over will immediately close the doors and Windows, do not let the rice fragrant coriander in the home float out, afraid to float to her nose let her catch the opportunity to ceng rice.Say also can not help but laugh, her video often appeared in order to revenge luo Damei, luo Damei called to the home to sponge rice, to make fun of her, but often be luo Damei took advantage of.Netizens occasionally joked: “Good, saving food is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.”Will also say, do not talk good, a talk to find are to be funny.Luo Damei not only in the city ceng rice, in the countryside is also a fantastic ceng rice character.Ceng rice in the countryside, but with eating in the city has a big difference in the countryside every family to noon began to smoke from cooking, the door of the home is open, two only separated by a courtyard wall, a little attention she may go in.In the countryside, the most popular things for Luo Dami are the chickens and ducks raised in the small courtyard walls. They look tender and juicy, and their meat is firm.So, today is not touch two uncle’s chicken, tomorrow is to touch two uncle’s duck, or climb a ladder, across the courtyard wall to see what is eating in the courtyard next door.This is luo Dami’s daily video content.This young woman in her early twenties really grew up slowly in this line of work and soon gained a large number of fans.There are more funny is that someone will say: the highest state of ceng rice is to break through the last line of defense with a telescope.She also vowed that she would never mess with another person’s meal again, and that if she did, she would be struck by lightning.As soon as he had said this, he was hit in the face, his hair exploded, and his face was blackened.The day hit thunder split was confirmed, but later never ceng other people’s home of rice, I’m afraid it is false.When you pull out a dish in the countryside, you can smell a chicken or a duck stewed thousands of miles away and say that this nose is also good enough.She is like a GPS positioning, no matter where, can accurately find the location, to other people’s homes even pot with stove are carried home, people hate teeth itch, but there is no way.Luo Damei the clever simple girl who sent out the breath is to give a person a kind of close, warm, beautiful, we are willing to fight with her.From the beginning of the entry into Douyin, to now slowly has two to three million fans, luo Dami step by step, set up her own free food people.The short videos we see are also the results of her hard work presented in front of the public.However, the number of newly updated videos has gradually decreased recently.But we still look forward to her works, believe that her works will be more sophisticated, more commendable.Ok, this period of child teeth fun net red observation is over here.What else do you want to say?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.If you also like my works, please follow me, and give me a thumbs up and forward, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better works.