First Report | President Xi’s reply inspires me to carry forward china-us friendship

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Adam Foster, chairman of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation, said he was encouraged by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s reply.”It’s wonderful,” Adam said, “to see Xi acknowledge the special role his family plays in US-China relations.The tremendous support the Helen Foster Snow Foundation and its cause have received from the people of both the United States and China is a testament to international friendship.”Helen Foster was born in Utah in 1907 and came to China in 1931, where she met her future husband, American journalist Edgar Snow.When Edgar Snow returned from a visit to northern Shaanxi in 1936, Helen helped him organize his manuscripts and photographic materials, doing much work for the publication of China over The West (originally called Red Star Over China).In April 1937, Helen ventured to visit northern Shaanxi and interviewed MAO Zedong and other Chinese Communist leaders in Yan ‘an.”China’s Journey To the West” and “China’s Journey To the West” are regarded as excellent documentaries about the Communist Party of China and “Red China”.The picture shows the cover of “China Goes West”.Adam Foster is Helen’s great-nephew.According to him, Helen not only actively promoted the Gung Ho movement in China, but also encouraged Rewi Alley, a New Zealander, to set up the Baili School in Shandan, Gansu Province in China, which enrolled children from poor families and trained industrial and technical talents for China through work-study teaching.Chinese Gung Ho Movement refers to a group of industrial cooperatives initiated, organized and established by Chinese and foreign celebrities during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.These cooperatives mainly produced steel, cloth, soap and other military and civilian supplies to support the war of Resistance.Helen kept the name snow after her divorce from her husband.Each continued to work tirelessly to deepen the friendship between the Chinese and American people.Helen returned to the United States and settled in Madison, Connecticut. She later visited the New China twice, photographing extensively and publishing books such as Return to China.Helen died in 1997, leaving behind a series of books, manuscripts and photographs, many of them related to China.Helen at work.When she was young, She read Helen’s memoir, my Years in China, and was fascinated by it.The book describes the events that took place in China in the 1930s, such as the “12 · 9 Movement”, the Xi ‘an Incident, Helen’s love with Edgar, and Helen’s adventure to Yan ‘an.”This should be made into a movie!”Adam remembers exactly what went through his mind.In 2016, Adam was invited to shaanxi Province to visit the place where Helen and Edgar used to live.’Everywhere I went, people were kind and hospitable,’ he recalled. ‘Many of them could talk about Helen and Edgar’s ties to China and Even Asia.’After returning to the United States, Adam set out to study Helen’s life and deeds, and through Helen and Edgar’s works to understand China and Chinese people.Adam Foster visits the memorial hall of the Eighth Route Army’s Xi ‘an office in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province.The year 2021 marks the 90th anniversary of Helen’s arrival in China.Adam said he was writing to President Xi to thank the Chinese people for their memory of Helen and their support for the foundation’s cause over the past year and before.”I am delighted that the People of both The United States and China have recognized Helen’s contribution to our relationship,” he said, expressing hope that the next generation of Americans and Chinese will continue to share the vision of working together.For Adam himself, the best way to honor Helen is to keep her work alive.He said that in order to build Bridges to a prosperous future for the United States and China, we should increase mutual interaction and people-to-people exchanges.The Helen Foster Snow Foundation is working to build a platform for dialogue, engagement and practical cooperation between the United States and China through education, culture, business and local relations.For example, the foundation is working with Jiangxi province to create a ceramic culture center in Utah to share traditional Chinese ceramic art with Americans;They are also working with Northwest University in Xi ‘an to build the Helen Snow Award into a world-class translation competition.”People-to-people exchanges have tangible benefits for both sides.””At a time when the two countries may disagree in other areas, these civilian efforts will be stabilizing,” Adam said.Adam also made a point of mentioning the Chinese New Year that he and his family just celebrated.”My wife and I felt it was important for our children to learn about different cultures, and because of Helen’s ties to China, our whole family enjoyed trying out traditional Chinese festivals.”Adam Foster’s children celebrated Spring Festival in Utah.In Utah, more than 18,000 students from kindergarten through high school are currently learning Chinese, and some schools in the state also hold celebrations during the Chinese New Year every year.The Adam family lives in a school that offers Chinese classes, and parents are eager to enroll their children.”I’m sure Helen would be thrilled to see these Utah kids speaking Chinese and learning about Chinese culture and traditions.”Adam said.Beijing, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday wrote a letter to Adam Foster, chairman of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation of the United States.Xi pointed out that Snow and his wife actively promoted China’s Gung Ho movement and played an important role in establishing the Baili School in Shandan.The Chinese people will remember the contributions made by the international friends including Snow and his wife to the Cause of China’s revolution and construction, as well as their sincere friendship with the CPC and the Chinese people.I highly commend the family of Helen Foster Snow for its positive contribution to the development of China-Us relations over the years.Xi expressed the hope that you and the foundation will continue to follow the example of Snow and his wife and make new contributions to enhancing friendship and cooperation between the Chinese and American people.Recently, Foster sent a letter to President Xi Jinping, recalling Snow’s contribution to the friendship between the people of the United States and China. She said she would carry on snow’s spirit of promoting friendship and cooperation between the people of the United States and China and build a bridge for the exchanges and interactions between the two peoples.Editor: Wenwen