To the teachers of Yuzhou High School

2022-05-25 0 By

Tender feelings female, warm blood male, parents died failed to see, heart-wrenching epidemic prevention line, he mourned in the grave.Husband and wife files, difficult to meet, their management of three fields, home with young and old people, empty video teary-eyed.The lights in the office building flash, three o ‘clock in the morning before the screen, epidemic information statistics, wide-eyed fine study.Waist sprain, leg fill lead, carry material, carry vegetable rice, measure stair 3 meal, how can light injury under the line of fire!Nucleic acid test every day, learning counseling regular inspection, home-school connection in time, comfort the heart to send warmth.Students passion is ignited, the heart of Thanksgiving in the field, grow up to adult moment, oath to the future mission.Brothers and sisters have joined hands to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties together.As long as the students are physically and mentally safe, why are they afraid of standing in the snow and fighting the cold?Win the epidemic cloud spread, yu Gao news spread!– Zhang Yuqing from Yuzhou High School in the early morning of January 22, 2022