This Spring Festival, Mianyang fang special “magnify”

2022-05-25 0 By

With the Spring Festival approaching, after months of intense choreography and technical upgrading, mianyang Fang’s large-scale interior theme project “Meng Jiangnu” will return on January 25th.With more professional stage Settings, cool lighting technology and creative choreography, meng Jiang Nv will bring visitors a multi-level, full-sensory and panoramic experience.In addition to a large number of classic theme projects, during the upcoming Spring Festival, Mianyang Fangte also prepared many surprises for tourists, such as “Colorful Chinese Year” theme activities.From The first day of the Chinese New Year on February 1 to the Lantern Festival on February 15, the “Colorful Chinese New Year” activities will be carried out around the theme of “coming home for the Spring Festival”.Fire dance, steel display and drone performance will bring a visual feast integrating cultural heritage and high-tech shock, so that visitors can gain a fresh and refreshing family travel experience.In addition, the long awaited Fonte Fireworks festival will be held from February 7 to 14.Relive the atmosphere full of Spring Festival traditions and customs, come here, yes!Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Center Reporter: Tang Yunfeng Editor: Zeng Xiuyun Jiangyou Rong Media Center