The Olympic Culture Volume iii, which showcases the diverse cultures of Olympic host cities, was launched

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, January 25 (Reporter Zhao Jiantong)The Capital Civilization Project Foundation and civilization magazine launched the “Olympic Declaration” — the Beautiful Long Volume of Olympic Culture iii to the world on July 25.The Olympic Culture Volume iii presents the wonderful development of the modern Olympic Movement, the diverse cultures of 23 host countries and 43 host cities, and the Olympic family of 206 countries and regions.Together with “Olympic Culture Volume I” launched in 2012 and “Olympic Culture Volume II” launched in 2016, they form a cultural bond.Long Ⅲ with “Olympic declaration” in French, English, Chinese print with Chinese calligraphy and the “nature” three layers of design based on structure, right and left, respectively to show in Paris, France and the city of Athens, Greece and the two countries and two the history and culture of the Olympic movement as a starting point, trace the source of the ancient Olympic culture and the beginning of the modern Olympics revival.Scroll to the center of the “Olympic declaration square” taking the Chinese traditional culture in the concept of “nature round place”, appearance to present the rings of concentric circles and peripheral north half of three segment arc bronze monument constitutes in the method, and the three words “Olympic declaration” stone body, the “Olympic declaration” in Chinese arc stone body center, set up ZhuBei.The front and back of the main tablet are engraved with the floating statues of the father of the Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin and the then president of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge.The Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off on Feb. 4, coinciding with the Spring Festival, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year and the start of spring.The central part of the long volume iii also shows the Spring Festival culture of Beijing, China, the world’s first “Olympic Declaration Square” and the “Double Olympic City”, implying that the eastern and western civilizations meet each other, meet and develop together in Beijing.Will all members of the Olympic family, especially by a “map” development of the modern Olympic movement and the Olympic Games host city for the Olympic city with the world together, hand in hand in the “double the city of Beijing side by side with the world to share the beauty of the Olympic culture to drew a picture of a building human destiny community beautiful picture scroll.(after)