Taoyuan: the elderly ancestor worship lost police warm heart rescue

2022-05-25 0 By

On April 5, she Jiaping police station in Taoyuan County rescued an elderly man who got lost during ancestor worship on Tomb Sweeping Day.At 9:30 PM that day, she Jiaping police station on duty personnel to carry out street night patrol received the masses for help, said its parked in front of their own tricycle sitting in a strange old man, the old man does not want to explain the identity, also refused to get off, the owner is not at ease, please police station processing.The police learned through communication with the old man that he came from Taoyuan county in the morning she Jiaping ancestral worship, but can not remember the specific place, resulting in lost, seeing the sky is late, can not catch the bus back to the city, planning to spend the night in the street.The police found that the old man seemed to have some mental disorder. He had no communication tools and could not remember his family’s telephone number. He only provided the name and home address of his lover.With the help of xunyang police station, the police found his wife’s contact information through the old man’s ID card information. After knowing his family situation, the police decided to escort the old man back home.At 10:30 p.m., the police drove the old man back to his home successfully, his wife to the police warm-hearted help, dutiful behavior expressed very moved, repeatedly thanked.(Correspondent: Liu Wenjing, Zhang Guosheng)