Strong screen douyin, xiaohongshu, young people where saic Volkswagen go

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New forces on the younger, building cars because naturally comes with “Internet” gene, so it is easier to grow up together with the Internet after 90, 00 to play together, after all that would make a circle “old driver” seem a bit passe, but don’t look down upon the “old driver” the transformation of the determination and execution, these “old driver” when they play, will let the young man turned pink.After 37 years journey in the Chinese market of Shanghai Volkswagen, is typical of “old” the driver, over the years the sedate, of impression, can Shanghai Volkswagen began to speed up the pace of transformation of younger in recent years, new marketing play constantly, let the young man said: never imagined, heavy is Shanghai Volkswagen can also so tide.Break envelops, everything has its new powers to cross-border building cars make young people feel warm, a large part of the reason is that they always appear in the place where young people gather together, such as weibo, trill, the little red book, B station and other social media, so the first step of Shanghai Volkswagen younger marketing is to take root in the platform, “into” the young man inside.Of course, it is not enough just to have an official account. We must become a person with a sense of presence on these platforms and master the “traffic password”. Therefore, SAIC Volkswagen “lets go”.Over the past year, Tukai, for example, has publicized its Chinese name through the PLATFORM of KPL King of Glory Professional League, voted the chief virtual chaozhou player “Kai” among its fans, and held the first e-competition to drive black car sticker design competition, which has been constantly “swept the screen” among king of Glory players and followers.New passat family crossover “circle” of the debate, the debate ring into the listed studio and invited four “science says” debater in the name of “the WHO, WHO” online open bar, vivid interpretation “two attitudes, one of the world” new value proposition.In THE ID. series models, SAIC Volkswagen is “full of tricks”, ID. family and Popular characters of Pokemon cooperation, cute little brothers and sisters;Id.4x invited the fairy sister Liu Yifei to be the spokesperson, and let the Mandarin band join the frame for many times. It joined hands with The Shanghai Art and Film Studio to create a “fairy group”, and attracted fans in different circles.Id.6x has been jointly called Yixiaoxing, which has gone viral. The micro blog hashtag # Send the boss into space has been read 230 million times.Regardless of whether it is the game circle, the debate circle, the animation circle, the beauty makeup circle, as long as it is crowded with young people, SAIC Volkswagen will cross into the circle and really play with young people.Breaking through the original model and playing with the new retail if only the online marketing changes, and the attracted young consumer groups still have to go to the traditional 4S shops to purchase cars and experience the traditional offline sales mode, I am afraid it will be difficult to retain young consumers, so SAIC Volkswagen also updated the sales and service mode simultaneously.The most eye-catching is the agency marketing model created by SAIC Volkswagen for ID. Family models. Under this model, ID.Family models will adopt a unified national price to solve the pain point of comparing prices among consumers, while agents can focus more on invitation, test drive, model introduction and other offline services without the traditional sales KPI assessment to provide customers with better service experience.Because of the uniform national price, consumers only need a SAIC-Volkswagen super APP to complete a series of steps such as car selection, car purchase, car use and after-sales service, and in this process, there is also ID.Angel, ID. Ambassador, ID. Partner’s full company, ID. Partner can bring one to one exclusive butler service.Such thoughtful service, who also dare to say that only the new force of building a car service to do well.Up to now, id. family agents have been expanded to 731, fully covering the first, second and third-tier cities. In addition to the agents all over the country, SAIC Volkswagen new energy city exhibition hall ID.Store (X) is also accelerating the layout.Unlike traditional 4S stores, these showrooms are more like Apple stores of fashion and technology, which is the form favored by young people.It can be said that in order to “reduce age” and resonate with young people, SAIC Volkswagen has exerted its “prehistoric power”. From the effect, the younger transformation of SAIC Volkswagen has been recognized by more and more young people. Its users born in the 1990s account for 32%, 5 percentage points higher than the industry average of 27%.The family post-80s and post-90s users account for more than 50%.Growing up with the young people of every age, SAIC Volkswagen has never changed its original intention.