Li Yixiao, 39, is pink and charming, and fans feast their eyes on her.

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On Feb 4, Li yixiao shared a series of selfies, which attracted the attention of her fans.In the photo, Li Yixiao a “soft powder gauze skirt” dress appearance, amorous, sexy and charming, the United States suffocating ah!Li Yixiao, 39, is a real beauty with white skin and a sweet smile.She is Bai Shasha in Sweet Honey, Gao Xiang in The Legend of Lu Zhen, Zhen Mi in The New Luoshen, Jing Shu in The Three Kingdoms, and Yu Ji in the Legend of Chu and Han. Each character is vivid and full of personality and unforgettable.Yixiao li “zm-zhsg” still yixiao li still yixiao li “wind four niang” still mei “, “beauty”, “sweet” yixiao li yixiao li is famous for “costume beauty”, the ancient costume look handsome dignified, eyes and body movements naturally adept, rich characters, can use the pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, the eternal beauty “concubine” deduced beautiful nature,The “Zhen Mi” as the lovely, the “Su Daji” performance is full of charm, but also the free and easy chivalrous female “wind four niang” interpretation deep in the hearts of the people.Especially “Yu Ji”, the “Yu Ji” “sweet, natural, poor” interpretation deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, Li Yixiao by also borrow “Yu Ji” won the “first China Hengdian Film and Television Wenrong Award best actress award”.Li Yixiao pure and sweet image and excellent performance has been the love of many audiences, every appearance, will let a person at the moment a bright, let a person favor.At the age of 39, Li Yixiao is in excellent condition now. We wish goddess Li Yixiao more and more beautiful, nourishing life and happy every day.Pictures from the network, please contact to delete infringement.