Take it easy, Yu Minhong

2022-05-24 0 By

Five days ago, Peking University alumnus Huang Nubo, chairman of Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group and poet huang Nubo wrote an article titled “Be a Cower, Minhong brother”. In the article, he said that there is no such thing as a banquet that will never end, and no wine cup that will never be empty.Do private enterprises, you are not only to know the overall situation, understand the event;One of the things you need to be prepared for is that you need to have non-marketing strategy literacy.What does that mean?That is to say, many of the market changes you face are fatal not because of the laws of the market itself, but because of the past.Maybe that’s fatalism.So, Minhong: Be cool!In spite of your high spirits, you have donned the grey and white hoodie of The Oriental Selection in your studio.However, the storm has come, take care.In an age of turmoil, the brain can’t be any worse.Am I right?Take it easy, Minhong – in the spring of 2022!Who is Huang Nubo?Perhaps many people in the education and training circle do not know that he served successively as a member of the CPC Propaganda Department and the director of the cadre Department.In April 1995, he founded Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group and served as its chairman.In June 2011, Huang donated assets worth 900 million yuan to Peking University. He was most famous for negotiating with the Icelandic government to sign a land lease agreement in northern Iceland in May 2012, which briefly topped the trending list.Yu Minhong expressed his positive and optimistic attitude in an article titled “Time will give us the best answer” through “Lao Yu Gossip” yesterday: although it is the last week of the year, employees are still going to work.All schools of New Oriental system, K9 training business has been completely stopped, but everyone is exploring new business model: quality, quality, research, international education, university training and so on.Despite the difficulties, I still try to move forward.I asked the human Resources department to continue to grant holiday subsidies to employees across the country and arrange for January salaries to be paid in advance, so that we can have a centering year.There are still more than 50,000 teachers working in the New Oriental system nationwide.In terms of expenses, it is still a heavy burden, but for the future, talent is the greatest wealth and creativity.After the New Year, I will continue to encourage everyone to take off their burdens, pack light and work hard.This year is my birth year. This particular year is not only a farewell to the past, but also the beginning of the future.What does the future hold?I’m not going to make any predictions.Nor can anyone really predict the future.One can do, is to determine the direction of life, and then move forward without hesitation.All changes, changes, changes, are due on the road.The most important thing is to adapt to the changes without losing the direction of your life.Everything else, all to the years, years will give us the best answer.