Suppose the Avengers had a gala

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2022, ten years after the Avengers first defeated the Chitauri invasion;It was five years after Thor lost his right eye;Three years after Tony Stark snapped his fingers to save humanity;On the occasion of the New Year, in order to welcome the first Chinese hero and repay the love of Chinese fans, a new gala is underway at the Avengers Base across the ocean.Here’s our special correspondent and man’s best friend, the Observer.Because 5G technology is not yet available on the other side of the world, and because of the avengers base’s signal blocking, the gala will be broadcast live in text.”Because we are a family, a family that loves each other……”To a familiar tune, the Original Avengers Five made a dazzling debut, kicking off the gala with the song “Love Each other, Family”.Fourteen years ago, Tony Stark’s “I am Ironman” turned superheroes into national ICONS.Ten years ago, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye first fought as a team, giving the universe its first glimpse of the power of earthmen.They are the original members of the Avengers, as well as the spiritual leaders and patriarchs of the avengers.They held hands, heart to heart, as close as the seeds of a pomegranate.The show set a warm and peaceful tone for this year’s Gala.Host: Nick Fury and Maria Silverery: Dear viewers, happy New Year!Here is the scene of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the Strategic Defense, Attack and Logistics Support Bureau for Land. We are celebrating the arrival of the Year of Yin and Tiger with people from all over the universe!Hill: It’s a joyous, auspicious, beaming reunion night.The end of the world at this time, regardless of the end of the world, regardless of the galaxy inside and outside, the Spring Festival Gala let us become a family.Frey: This is a good year to plant dreams and harvest hopes.Over the past year, we have been advancing the Marvel Universe phase 4, and we are on our way to becoming the strongest Superteam on earth!Fury hill: Tonight, let us sing our New Year’s ode to joy.Hill: Let’s give it up for Peter Quill, ambassador of cosmic peace and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, to take us through the changing times.Solo: “Sense of The Times” Performer: Xing Jue “Your sense of The Times, my sense of The Times, is the head of a blue sky, is the eyes of a clear water and green mountains, is a dream in the heart of the flame….Whether it is this year, next year or young people, the new era should have a new style.Wearing headphones and carrying a Walkman, Star-Lord moonwalked slowly to center stage.Behind, it is the memories of The Times like a revolving lantern.From Stark eating a burger in the middle of a donut to Little Morgan sweetly saying “I love you three thousand times”;From Natasha said miss Budapest, to Yelena (Natasha’s sister) and Natasha in the subway station memories;From Patton shooting an arrow through the heart of a Chitauri, to Kate (hawkeye ii) riding the waves in a ronin uniform;From Groot burning his body to save his teammates, to baby Groot becoming a rebellious teenager…Then a new generation of Avengers appeared in the opening credits, eventually forming the familiar logo, MARVEL.Performer: Ultron, Vision Ultron: There is a guy in my family who is very cool. He has three heads and six arms and is bulletproof. His palm is a little thick.Vision: Really?My dad is a myth, get rid of mom’s peerless elegance, even if one day you lose all your teeth, I can also take you to hot.Ultron: Wait, your dad’s name isn’t Tony Stark, is it?Vision: How so?Your daddy’s not iron Man, is he?Ultron: I have daddy’s butler Jarvis’s entire system, and I crippled Sokovia on top of it.Vision: Coincidentally, I have a spiritual gem that my father gave me. It gives me a soul, and I use this soul to fall in love with Wanda, who regards my father as her enemy.Ultron: I killed your lover’s brother.Vision: Who asked you?Ultron: You are daddy’s baby.Vision: How new.Ultron: That’s true!In order to give Daddy a chance to bow out, you sacrifice yourself and reduce your damage and defense to 1%.Without your vulnerability, how would iron Man snap his fingers?Vision: I can screw you.With a roar, the cross talk came to an end in the bombardment of both sides.Performer: Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Drax, Nebula, Andondue On this day, Tony Stark snaps his fingers, Thanos and his crew are gone, and Star-Lord meets his girlfriend gamora, who was supposed to have died on Warmuir.Gamora: You can’t be quiet on New Year’s.After finally getting rid of cheap dad Thanos, here comes a man claiming to be my boyfriend.Everybody comment, this call what matter!Star Lord: MY name is Star Lord, is born in the earth long in the space of the universe prodigal son.Before Shuo Snuff, my girlfriend Gamora was killed by her godfather Thanos in order to get the soul gem.But recently I saw my beloved Gamora again at the endgame.She said she was from 2014, and she didn’t know me at all.Even if he doesn’t know me, she’s my star-Lord’s girlfriend, isn’t she?Rocket: come on, look at you. Gamora was seduced by lard.Nebula: You’re right.Draco: If I stay still, no one will know I’m there.Star-lord: You guys, even though she doesn’t know me, I know she’ll fall in love with me sooner or later, so there’s nothing wrong with making her my girlfriend now, is there?Audience: Right!Star-lord: Although she doesn’t know me, I’ve been in love with her for so long. Is it too much to answer the national call to have a third child?Audience: Not too much!Star-lord: She doesn’t know me, but since she’s planning to have a third child, is it okay to take her back to meet her parents for the New Year?Audience: No problem.Yongdu: It’s the Spring Festival. I wish my son could come home and take my wife with me. What could be more exciting than a family reunion?Rocket, Drasco: don’t let waiting become regret, money or no money, have to go home for the New Year.Groot: I am Groot…….Gamora: But I don’t even know him!All: Big New Year’s day, not important!Dance: A three-man movie performer: Venom, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Eddie Brock He loves him, he loves him, he loves him.”It is a movie with three people, but I cannot have a name.”Venom moves slowly along the stage in a wriggling gesture, accompanied by melodious music.Meanwhile, Peter Parker, spider-man, wanders from stage to stage, spitting out spider silk.Sometimes he jumps to a high place, sometimes he dives to the audience platform, and shoots spider silk as he approaches the audience.Followed by deadpool, the non-famous gymnast.Sometimes he let Peter go, sometimes he followed him.The distance between the two people sometimes separated things, and sometimes glued, like the love of very small lovers, unpredictable.He chases, he flees, they all escape.Finally, Eddie makes his entrance, Venom finally meets his destiny, and the two become one.Three hand in hand to fly to the top of the stage, by the way to the audience to throw sweet and happy meaning of candy, the atmosphere reached the peak.Performers: A New Generation of Avengers “Not to forget this night, not to forget this night, from the ends of the earth and the earth……”One last act, from a new generation of avengers.They symbolize vitality and the future, as well as hope for the planet.As the song dies down, the entire Avengers base takes to the stage.Fury: Dear friends, the STRATEGIC Homeland Defense, Attack and Logistics Support Agency’s Spring Festival Gala 2022 has all ended here.Once again, I wish you a happy New Year!Hill: Next year’s Spring Festival Gala, goodbye!Declaration: this Spring Festival Gala is pure fiction, if there are similarities, pure coincidence!END article: Yunyu original article, unauthorized reprint prohibited eat melon, watch drama, taste life.”Follow” me, entertainment information continues to update.