Our city tomorrow and the day after rain and snow weather, driving attention to traffic safety!

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According to the observatory forecast: more rain and snow weather tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the highest temperature of the city or difficult to exceed 10 degrees Celsius 18 night to 19 day, around the cloudy day intermittent light rain or sporadic light rain, 800 meters above sea level areas with sleet or light snow.Temperature -1 ~ 10℃.Central city: cloudy with intermittent light rain, temperature 8 ~ 10℃.From 20 o ‘clock on the 18th to 02 o ‘clock on the 19th, it will be cloudy with intermittent light rain.2 o ‘clock on the 19th to 8 o ‘clock on the 19th, intermittent light rain;8 o ‘clock on the 19th to 14 o ‘clock on the 19th, intermittent light rain;14 o ‘clock on the 19th to 20 o ‘clock on the 19th, intermittent light rain.From the night of May 19 to the day of May 20, intermittent light rain or sporadic light rain will turn to cloudy in the Midwest and southeast, with sleet or light snow in areas above 800 meters, and cloudy in the northeast.Temperature -1 ~ 11℃.Central city: intermittent light rain to cloudy days, temperature 7 ~ 9℃.From the night of The 20th to the daytime of the 21st, it will be overcast everywhere, with intermittent light rain or sporadic light rain in some parts of the south, and sleet and snow in areas above 800 meters.Temperature -1 ~ 12℃.Central urban area: cloudy, temperature 7 ~ 10℃.Cooling and snowfall lead to road snow and ice have a great impact on traffic please drivers pay attention to driving safety special remind our city mountain road steep slope, sharp bend, narrow road, near the water cliff, the traffic environment is more complex, in the rural and mountain roads, please pay attention to observe, drive carefully.In case of rain or snow, please minimize your travel and pay attention to your safety.Rain and snow weather has adversely affected driving, the following safe driving tips must be kept in mind.Driving safely on rainy days to ensure good sight line.Check the wiper before going out to ensure that it can work properly and scrape away rain;If the window fogs on the way, the air outlet mode can be adjusted to the de-fogging mode, and the cold or warm wind can be opened to disperse the fog.It should be noted that the fog will be thicker in the early stage of warm air defogging. It is necessary to choose a safe place to stop and defogging, and then drive on the road after the vision is clear.◆ Speed should be slow, do not brake sharply.Rainy day slippery road, to keep low speed, enhance the predictability, driving to avoid rapid acceleration, braking, rapid direction, otherwise easy to skid out of control.◆ Turn slowly, not in a hurry.In rainy days, it is easy to turn sideways, so turn slowly, and then return to normal speed after turning.If you can’t see the opposite corner, honk your horn to warn the other car.Turn the steering wheel gently, do not slam the steering wheel and brake.Minimize overtaking and merging.Rainy days of vehicle control is more difficult than normal weather, so as far as possible to reduce back and forth parallel and overtaking, as far as possible to choose with the car, do not fight for lane.◆ Increase the front and rear distance.When the road is wet and slippery on rainy days, the braking distance is longer than that on dry roads. Please widen the following distance to leave time and space for yourself to deal with emergency situations and avoid accidents.Use lights correctly.When visibility is reduced due to rainfall, headlights, profiler lights and rear lights should be turned on in time, not only for lighting, but also to make your presence known to other traffic participants.In addition, attention should be paid to the same direction behind the car and the car in front of the close distance, do not use high beam.Driving safely in snow ◆ Drive slowly.When driving in snow, be sure to drive slowly and keep an effective braking distance with the car in front.Don’t change lanes too often unless you have to.◆ Turn on snow mode.If the vehicle has a choice of driving mode, you can select SNOW driving mode before hitting the road;If you can choose four-wheel drive, it’s best to choose four-wheel drive.Soft brake.When driving in snow, don’t slam on the brakes, but gently.If the speed slows down, brake by downshifting.◆ Turn slowly.The road friction drops sharply in snowy days. When turning, slow down in advance, slow down the direction, and then slowly increase the speed after turning.◆ Out of control skid how to do?Once encountered vehicle out of control skidding situation, should immediately release the brake, to the offset direction of a small degree of rotation of the steering wheel, to be corrected after the body direction gently step on the brake, slow braking.◆ Enable ABS, EPS function.If the vehicle has ESP and ABS function, do not turn it off, it will greatly help you control the balance and direction of the vehicle.◆ Prepare snow tires and anti-skid chains.Chongqing traffic police remind the majority of drivers friends rain and snow weather driving safety first