Operation of Daily Necessities Market in Ulanqab (March 26 to April 1)

2022-05-24 0 By

According to the daily necessities market monitoring system in Wulanchabu city: From March 26 to April 1, the supply of necessities market in the city is stable and sufficient.On a month-on-month basis, the prices of 12 key categories of daily necessities rose in five, fell in three and remained flat in four.Prices of meat, poultry and dairy products fell month-on-month;Prices of salt, sugar, aquatic products and drinking water were flat month-on-month.The specific operation situation is as follows: 1. Grain and oil prices rose on a month-on-month basis. The average retail price of grain was 5.23 yuan/kg, up 0.58% on a month-on-month basis.Among them, the price of rice was 5.7 yuan/kg, up 0.71% from the previous month;The price of flour was 4.76 yuan/kg, up 0.42 percent.The average retail price of edible oil was 17.14 yuan/l, up 0.23% from the previous month.The price of rapeseed oil was 18 yuan/liter, up 0.17%;The price of blend oil was 15.19 yuan/liter, up 1.06 percent month-on-month.Grain and oil as basic necessities of life, under normal circumstances, the market price fluctuates little.It is expected that grain and oil prices in Zhuhai will remain stable next week.The average retail price of meat was 63 yuan/kg, down 0.32% from the previous month.Among them, the price of pork (hind meat) was 24.99 yuan/kg, down 2.34%;Beef leg meat price 88 yuan/kg, flat;Leg of mutton price 76 yuan/kg, flat.The average retail price of poultry was 10.46 yuan/kg, down 1.88% from the previous month.Among them, the price of white chicken was 10.56 yuan/kg, which was flat on a month-on-month basis.White duck price 10.36 yuan/kg, down 3.72% from the previous month.The average retail price of eggs was 10.47 yuan/kg, up 0.67% from the previous month.Our city meat, poultry and eggs market supply capacity is strong, market prices are expected to hold steady next week.The average retail price of 30 monitored samples of vegetables was 8.34 yuan/kg, up 1.34% from the previous month.Among them, the three vegetables with the biggest increase are: onion price 4.39 yuan/kg, up 13.14%;Spinach 8.08 yuan/kg, up 10.08%;The price of Chinese cabbage was 5.07 yuan/kg, up 9.74 percent from the previous month.The average retail price of eight fruits was 9.2 yuan/kg, up 2.34% from the previous month.Among them, there are six varieties that rose, namely apple price 9.98 yuan/kg, up 1.84% from the previous month;Banana price 9.05 yuan/kg, up 0.22%;Grape price 12.07 yuan/kg, up 2.37%;Citrus price 6.74 yuan/kg, up 1.97%;Pear price 7.56 yuan/kg, up 7.85%;Watermelon price 9.77 yuan/kg, up 0.93%.Ninety percent of fruits and vegetables in Zhuhai rely on external shipment to meet market demand, and the purchase price has risen slightly due to the epidemic and rising oil prices.Expected later, fruit and vegetable prices in our city will not fall.The average retail price of dairy products was 77.4 yuan, down 0.55%.Among them, the price of sterilized milk (normal temperature milk) is 8.73 yuan/liter, up 1.28%;Yogurt price 16.43 yuan/kg, up 0.31%;The price of domestic brand infant milk powder was 177 yuan/kg, unchanged month-on-month;The price of milk powder for the elderly was 84.25 yuan/kg, up 0.3% month-on-month.Our city milk supply is sufficient, the dairy market runs stably.5. The prices of salt, sugar, aquatic products and drinking water remained the same month-on-month.Sugar price 6.18 yuan/kg, flat;Aquatic product price 23.8 yuan/kg, flat;The price of drinking water was 1.56 yuan per liter, unchanged from the previous month.The city’s residents of salt, sugar, aquatic products, drinking water market demand is stable, dealers have sufficient supplies.Prices of salt, sugar, aquatic products and drinking water are expected to remain stable next week.Wulanchabu Commercial Bureau design and production/Guo Xiaohui proofread/Miao Deyu review/Yun Yun Fu Wang Dan