King of glory S26 season Sun Shangxiang so strong there is no hero can be restrained?

2022-05-24 0 By

Hello everyone, MY name is Qiqi.At the beginning of the S26 season, Sun Shangxiang can be said to have eaten all the bonus of the new version, and became the hero with the highest winning rate and appearance rate. The reason for her showing off is that the two equipment of Qisheng Blade and Grandmaster force have increased their health by 600, and their hand feeling and displacement have been optimized.Although the official later did not carry on the cooling to her, but still could not stop her fervent degree, so in the face of so strong Sun Shangxiang no one can restrain her?Zhao Yun zhao yun can naturally restrain Sun Shangxiang, because princess Xiangxiang’s biggest weakness is a skill to play high damage, it must be rolled with a skill first, but once rolled, that her weakness will be exposed.For example, in the group battle, after Sun Shangxiang rolls, she will have about three seconds of skill vacuum period, these three seconds is enough to let Zhao Yun seconds kill her.But the premise is zhao Yun can grasp the timing, if squatting grass is discovered, then Sun Shangxiang is unlikely to hand over their own skills.Generally speaking, Yu Ji can’t choose the post shooter when she is fighting against Sun Shangxiang, because she is very flexible in both displacement and deceleration. After a few rounds, she may have lost her blood and didn’t consume much of Sun Shangxiang’s blood.But Yu Ji is an exception. For other archers, Yu Ji is better at fighting heroes like Sun Shangxiang.The first skill of Yu Ji is farther than that of Sun Shangxiang, so it is useless to fight and consume. The second skill of Yu Ji can also eat up the second skill of Sun Shangxiang, and even the attack speed is faster after stepping on the face. In the early stage, sun Shangxiang was targeted to death, and she did not give any chance to develop.Finally, if there is really no familiar hero can be against Sun Shangxiang, it is better to ban her from the opening of the ranking!It’s easy, it’s easy, it’s totally unburdening.Speaking of this is very strange, obviously so strong, but not a few people to ban Sun Shangxiang, is everyone want to take her points?It will be a new product when it comes out on July 7th.The above is the king’s point of view, like small partners might as well point a praise oh ~