Kaifeng: “sanitary city” looks like an ancient city of thousands of years

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Kaifeng, Henan province, was successfully established as a national health city in 2014 and passed the first round of review in 2017.A new review will begin in 2020.In 2022, Kaifeng was reconfirmed as the 2021 National Health City (District), continuing the honor and making “National Health City” the signboard of Kaifeng.The Committee and government of Kaifeng city stressed that the national health city review is not for the purpose of winning honor and brand, but more importantly to improve the public’s health awareness, civilization and urban management level, improve people’s well-being, and provide excellent and healthy environment guarantee for promoting high-quality development of Kaifeng in the new era.The whole city in accordance with the municipal party committee, the government’s decision deployment, the establishment of special class, prominent focus, closely staring at the target, to “enhance the well-being of the people play the beautiful ancient city of Kaifeng” as the starting point, continue to enhance the people’s sense of happiness, sense of access and security.Strengthen the organization, high promotion.In Kaifeng, the municipal Party secretary was appointed as political commissar and the mayor as commander, and 10 special teams were headed by the deputy mayor. Leading bodies were set up in each district and municipal department respectively.The headquarters established a weekly assignment system. At the meeting of the Party secretary and the mayor for key working week on Monday, the headquarters assigned review matters, reported the work progress of the last week, arranged and deployed the work tasks of the week, and ensured the efficient operation of the review work.Publicity and guidance, the participation of the whole people.Kaifeng formulated and published the “Kaifeng National Health City Review and Publicity Work Plan”, and launched columns in local media such as “Gongwei Is in Progress”, “Create a Healthy City to Build a Beautiful Homeland”, “Gongwei Red and Black List”, and “Healthy You, Me and Him” to enhance the people’s sense of ownership and make the people understand and support this work.The city opened a reward reporting platform for “dirty, messy and bad”, so that the public as “eyes”.We will guide the people to become advocates of our work, practitioners of our actions, and guardians of our achievements.Key breakthroughs, overcome difficulties.Kaifeng city established a special governance system, and vigorously carried out ten key special actions, such as upgrading public toilets, renovation and upgrading of “five small” stores, loess exposure, farmers’ markets and upgrading of old residential areas, for those projects that are difficult to control and easy to rebound in the consolidation work.At the same time, civilizational and health units at all levels have been organized to carry out the review work of assisting communities in pairs, giving full play to the role of civilizational and health units as pioneers, models and models, and assisting communities in implementing key public health projects.Strengthen supervision, pay attention to long-term.Kaifeng “week exposure, month comparison” activities, the area with straight department mutual learning manner to carry out the supervision instruction, — — implementation guide drive, and formulate the kaifeng the measures for the administration of the national health city, normalized to “double weeks prior season, on inspection, appraisal” system, implement the long-term management mechanism.According to statistics, in the past two years, in accordance with the general requirements of “creating for the people, creating for the people and continuing to create”, the city sorted out 13,989 problems in the ledger, implemented the dynamic management of the ledger, and strictly implemented the standard and sales number system, so as to rectify a problem and solve a class of problems, and steadily improved the core indicators of the national health city.At present, the municipal household garbage harmless treatment rate of 100%, domestic sewage centralized treatment rate of 95.9%, urban villages and urban and rural areas of garbage removal rate of 100%;We continued to improve river and water systems, and invested over 3 billion yuan in the comprehensive improvement project of “one canal and six rivers”, which significantly improved the landscape of river and water systems…A series of renovation and upgrading projects have comprehensively improved kaifeng’s sanitation level and people’s health literacy, making the city more harmonious and livable.The people felt the deepest and most true.The national health city is not a lifetime system, each review process is the process of re-establishment, and also the review, renovation and improvement of urban infrastructure, urban order and citizen quality.This point, kaifeng will unswervingly continue to promote the people’s livelihood project, write good articles, and the fruits of consolidated national sanitary city “civilized kaifeng kaifeng” health “” beautiful kaifeng” construction effectively, enhance well-being of the people’s livelihood, the beautiful ancient city of kaifeng, make the city more livable, the masses life happier, for high quality development in kaifeng fu can increase efficiency.This article by “original” original certification, the author of health Newspaper Co., LTD., visit Yuanben. 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