“Grand Slam puzzle” perfect set!The letter home was a tearful one

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Qi Guangpu, a 31-year-old veteran of the freestyle skiing men’s aerials final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, won the gold medal with 129.00 tonight.In Qi Guangpu lock gold medal after the live broadcast from the song “I believe” “I believe free, I believe I hope I believe that hand can touch the day……”Qi Guangpu received one gold and one silver in this Winter Olympics congratulations to him!31 years old birthday wish, come true!At the age of 10, he was sent to Changchun to practice freestyle skiing aerialskills. In 2008, as a beginner, Qi Guangpu soared to the sky and won the gold medal in the 11th National Winter Games. Since then, he has joined the national team and entered the international competition.He successively won the World Cup RACES, World Cup championships and world championship has passed three times with the games gold medal “grand slam” jigsaw puzzle “, there are only a gap on October 20, 2021 to 31 JiGuangPu birthday, JiGuangPu said he just want to, want a birthday present in more than 100 days after the games gold medal today, he did it!Before the race, his wife wrote to cheer him on!Before the game,JiGuangPu wife wrote a letter to his pep talk “is this your fourth site Olympic arena as you once teammates I proud of you also very clear of not easily” “stick to is the victory today you are the hero of our family whatever the outcome of our family is proud of you, we are waiting for you to come back” delta JiGuangPu Gu Zongyang with his wife cried for JiGuangPu drumZhang Qi Guangpu gold medal because of a difference in the final teammate Jia Zongyang crying on the sidelines of the applause for Qi Guangpu although is in the same competition but always brothers!Because it is the fourth time to participate in the Winter Olympics, we call Qi Guangpu a veteran, but in his eyes, he is still a young man chasing his dream qi Guangpu said:”In China we are veteran, but we are not the oldest in the world of a batch of” after JiGuangPu said after the win the mixed silver medal for on the highest podium veterans insisted that the meaning of “as long as have a dream, adhere to the age and injury is not out of the question for us,” JiGuangPu, Gu Zongyang are all good!CCTV News wechat official account (ID: CCTVNewscenter