Fighting bandits on New Year’s Eve?

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Today is Lunar New Year’s Eve, tomorrow will be the Year of the Tiger.It is interesting that 76 years ago, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army wiped out a mountain carving gang on the same night, which is the Peking Opera “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”.More than a decade ago, I went to Shanghai and interviewed teacher Tong Xiangling, who played The role of Yang Zirong in the Peking Opera The Taking of Tiger Mountain, for dozens of hours over four days. He told me that he had been diligent and hardworking in his life, and had always been serious and meticulous in his treatment of art.Tong Xiangling teacher and his wife also opened a “children’s restaurant” in the early years, business is not very good closed, now often go around to perform, the audience like the tiger or the mountain Yang Zirong.Heard a lot of actors singing, or feel tong Xiangling teacher’s most satisfying, not only because of his singing skills beautiful, dress up is also our hearts that handsome Yang Zirong.(zi-rong Yang) in the Peking Opera “the siege” Peking Opera “the siege” is in the 1950 s by the Shanghai opera house according to the film adaptation of “the beautiful plains” Peking Opera stage, Huang Zhengqin, Li Tongsen, Cao Shouchun, ShenYangSheng, TaoXiong, Liu Mengde, ZhangLi flick, guo-rong ding, Gao Yi dragon successively participate in creation, adaptation,It has become a classic because it has undergone numerous revisions and refinements. It is also a masterpiece of modern opera on the Peking Opera stage.Story synopsis: In the winter of 1946, in northeast Mudanjiang area, our thirty-six people’s pursuit team, ready to eliminate the mountain carving bandit, because the tiger Mountain fortifications complex, not strong attack, we all think that can only be outwitted.Yang Zirong disguised as bandits Hu Biao, into Tiger Mountain, Yang Zirong mountain carving deep guard, full of doubt, Yang Zirong defeated the mountain carving test, will collect information sent down the mountain, New Year’s Eve, in the mountain carving 60 years old “hundred chicken banquet”, Yang Zirong the bandits drunk, the pursuit team arrived in time, all the bandits.During the play, the main actor “Yang Zirong” like a merry-round change again, and was eventually selected is the impact of the Peking Opera star tong Zhiling’s younger brother “Tong Jia Class” one of the members of Tong Xiangling.The “lone hero” Yang Zirong, played by teacher Tong Xiangling, has become an eternal memory in the hearts of a generation.In 1966, the final decision was made by: Shen Jinbo as Shao Jianbo, Tong Xiangling as Yang Zirong, Shi Zhengquan as Li Yongqi, Qi Shufang as Chang Bao, Sun Zhengyang as Luan Ping.This repeated selection after the decision to let Tong Xiangling in a few years than anyone else to pay and endure more, the performance of “Yang Zirong” is all in his life, is all the “Tong Jia Class” to clear the light, but the performance of “Yang Zirong” is a huge pressure, can not play bad can only go all out.Teacher Tong Xiangling said: The Peking Opera “Taking Tiger Mountain by Wisdom” is the highlight of his life.In 1967, although the Peking Opera “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” was approved and revised by Chairman MAO himself, Tong left the production because of her relationship with her sister.As an actor, at that time he boarded the stage most of the opportunity is to be criticized, in the gradual habit of writing check to be criticized of life, Tong Xiangling was liberated by surprise.In 1969, he began to make a model opera film, The Taking of Tiger Mountain.During two years of filming in Beijing, teacher Tong Xiangling was misunderstood and bullied in the troupe, but she was not allowed to go home and sociate with her relatives.By sister Tong Zhiling problem implicated, he has been characterized as “contradiction between the enemy and me”.He said, “When I get up in the morning and eat breakfast, I wash the dishes and chopsticks of 200 people.(Zhang Nayun TongXiangLing teacher and his wife, she is Mr Mei lanfang was handed down a female disciple, formerly known as Zhang Lanyun, chairman MAO zedong to rename: she Zhang Nayun) the studio and then work, work to come back for lunch, after eating the two hundred bowl chopsticks and TongXiangLing teacher finished washing, washing and then go to work, after eating dinner, two hundred people more to wash bowl chopsticks, so sometimes the meeting.Washing dishes and playing became teacher Tong xiangling’s unforgettable memory all her life.In 1970, the Production of the Peking Opera film The Taking of Tiger Mountain was finally completed. Tong returned to Shanghai and was soon “put on hold” until 1976, when the film the Taking of Tiger Mountain made him a household name, though he hardly appeared in any more films.The Peking Opera “Taking tiger Mountain” chose a Chinese and Western mixed band in the selection of music, which is the first time to choose a Chinese and Western mixed band in the Peking Opera performance, especially the part of fighting tiger mountain is enduring.With the success of Peking Opera, The Taking of Tiger Mountain became one of the eight model operas.In recent years, the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater and many Peking Opera troups all over the country are putting on this classic play. Many young actors will learn and consult tong Xiangling seriously, and they become a new generation of Yang Zirong, which is loved by the Peking Opera audience.We hope the classic Peking Opera the Taking of Tiger Mountain will be passed down from generation to generation.Now, teacher Tong Xiangling has been 87 years old, but he still continues to sing on the stage: hit a tiger up the mountain.Let’s wish him good health, always young and happy every day.Teacher Tong Xiangling