Earthquake trading!Harden and Simmons switch teams!Can the two powerhouses achieve a win-win situation?

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The Nets and 76ers reportedly completed a seismic trade that fans of both sides have been waiting for just before the season’s trade deadline.In the deal, the Nets sent harden and Millsap, one of their big three, to get simmons, Steph Curry, Draymond and two future first-round picks — an unprotected one in 2022 and a protected one in 2027.For the Nets, there are several reasons why they would trade Harden.For one thing, Harden has been off his game this season, averaging 22.5 points, eight rebounds and 10.2 assists per game, shooting 41.4 percent from the field, 33.2 percent from 3-point range, and averaging his lowest points and field goal percentage since leaving Oklahoma City.The Nets, on the other hand, have lost 10 straight games and fallen to eighth place in the Eastern Conference without Irving on the road and durant injured.Therefore, they urgently need to make a change, otherwise the team will be difficult to challenge for the championship.For the 76ers, simmons and the team have been at odds since last season’s unexpected early exit from the playoffs.Simmons was the subject of trade rumors in the offseason, and he refused to play for the 76ers after the start of the new season, even after returning to practice with the team, he had problems with coaches and teammates.Simmons has not played in a game so far this season.Trading Simmons for another All-Star is the best option for the Sixers, who have the fifth-best record in the Eastern Conference.In fact, the two sides have been negotiating this deal for a long time.The 76ers had expressed a strong desire to acquire Harden in the offseason, but the Nets still believed he could lead the team to a championship, so they rejected a trade deal with the 76ers.The deal came after lengthy negotiations between the two sides, with the 76ers’ reluctance to part with young player Maxie as the main reason for the delay.As the trade deadline approached, the Nets gave in and got Steph Curry and their first round pick in return, while the 76ers got James Harden.For now, the concussion league deal is a two-way deal.For the Nets, after the trade, they formed a scary lineup of Kyrie + Simmons + Steph + Durant + Draymond/Aldridge.On the offensive side, Simmons could be the team’s new playmaker, and he’s young enough to fit the Nets’ need for speed.With two top scorers in Durant and Irving, the Nets won’t have to worry about simmons’ spacing, and they’ll get curry, one of the best shooters in the league right now.Curry is averaging 15 points per game and shooting 48.5 percent from the field and 40 percent from 3-point range so far, giving the Nets great firepower on the perimeter and a good option in clutch situations.On defense, Simmons’ ability has been needless to say, his ability to defend from the first to the fifth position will benefit the Nets.Overall, despite their 10-game losing streak, they’ll still be one of the biggest forces in the East after this trade and durant’s return.In addition to this season, the two first-round picks acquired from the deal also make their future promising.For the Sixers, the loss of the team’s best shooter also freed them from the burden of Simmons, whose reluctance to play this season has been a major factor in both strength and atmosphere.More importantly, the deal gives them the coveted Harden, one of the best backcourt players in the league despite his slump this season, and he and Embiid will form an inside-and-out combo that would terrify all opponents.Harden will be a great addition to the 76ers’ perimeter scoring in individual offense, and they’ll have a true playmaker.So far this season, the 76ers have needed Embiid to set up the offense at times, which has resulted in embiid not being comfortable inside.On top of that, Harden will be one of the best options in clutch situations for the Sixers, who were eliminated last season due to a lack of perimeter scorers.And in the organization of offense, Harden can outside Harris and inside Embiid and other people create very good offensive opportunities.All in all, this lineup is enough to look forward to.It’s probably for the best for Harden and Simmons, the two protagonists involved in the deal.On the one hand, Harden has been very uncomfortable in the Nets, unable to get the most out of a team with multiple scorers and a lack of paint.Now, with Embiid as a partner, Harden will have a good chance to prove himself, and he has expressed his desire to be traded to the 76ers.Simmons, on the other hand, will get a good psychological release, and he will get the role that suits him best in the Nets, without having to worry about his lack of outside shooting ability.While the trade would have been a great move for both teams and the players involved, there was a lot to be lamented by fans once it actually happened.First of all, the Big three have played in only 16 games since joining forces early last season, and injuries prevented them from leading the team to a title in the playoffs last season.Had they been given more run-in time, the results might have been different.Second, simmons and Embiid have inspired sixers fans, but they haven’t been able to lead the team to better results.In any case, now that the trade is done and all is said and done, it’s the best place for Harden and Simmons to go, and the Nets and 76ers will have new rosters to challenge for a championship.Both teams will be league favorites after the deal.Stay tuned to “100” for live NBA video and replay of NBA games from 1980 to the present.