Chelsea v Crystal Palace in the Premier League, the club World Cup is lost, crystal Palace still depends on zaha

2022-05-24 0 By

On February 19 at 11pm Beijing time, the English Premier League will welcome a very high attention game.Premier League giants Chelsea will play crystal Palace, the two sides in terms of quality is still very clear.But for Chelsea in their league fixtures of the future need to go to great lengths to keep score, otherwise has slipped to third if they don’t be careful, I’m afraid even hold the team next season’s champions league places are a little sweaty, so what Chelsea can cut in this game, is really very worthy of our attention.Chelsea, who beat Palmeiras in extra time to win the Club World Cup earlier this week, are unbeaten by a staggering 90 per cent in their last ten games.Although the first four of these ten games have been drawn, we can see that Chelsea’s form stability is relatively good, but because of the series of draws at the moment, Chelsea has dropped to third place in the league, seven points behind Liverpool.Tuchel, who set the league title as his goal at the start of the season, would do well to keep his players in the champions League next season.However, Chelsea have been strong away from home this season, winning 7, drawing 3 and losing 2 in 12 away games in all competitions.Meanwhile Chelsea’s attacking line has shown signs of life in the last ten games.Fourteen goals in ten games.However, Chelsea’s famously defensive side have failed to follow up their aggressive form in the early part of the season, scoring 14 goals in their last 10 games while conceding 14.In addition to the lack of strength in defence Chelsea’s overall player reserves are a very big problem.Having to play after a tiring flight from the Middle East was a big test for Chelsea.The most serious is that they have lost in the club World Cup team’s main players mount, according to a preliminary assessment of Chelsea, he should need half a month time to recover, so more nervous behind schedule of Chelsea should begin from rotary laid hands on him, to relieve the main players in personnel adjustment way to exhaustion.Crystal Palace, who are 13th in the league, have lost twice in a row at home and may not be playing in the Premier League next season if they fail to find form.So this game is not too much suspense, the biggest concern is actually tuhel in this game in the adjustment will appear where, whether the adjustment is effective.Chelsea are absolutely crushing Crystal Palace in terms of team strength and history.Let’s hope crystal Palace can give Chelsea more trouble in this game. Tuchel’s time has come. Although we are very hopeful that Chelsea can win, if we can give the fans a good enough visual feast, it will have a profound impact on the rest of the team.