Add price also buy foreign civilian car, is the luxurious car in the eyes of domestic consumers?

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For many consumers, the price of a luxury car will be the first reference. Although there is not much deviation in most of the time, the price is still very different in different markets.The price of imported cars in China will even turn over several times, but perhaps they can only be counted as civilian cars in foreign countries, the huge price difference appears to be some of the meaning of cutting leek, such as the following several “luxury cars”.Toyota Elfa is the synonym of luxury in the domestic MPV field.Through the introduction of parallel import into the domestic market, the starting price reached 839,000 yuan, and it is not uncommon to sell more than one million yuan after the price increase.It’s not exactly a luxury car in Japan, where you can see it on the streets, and you can see it in sales.In addition, the price in Japan ranges from 200,000 to 434,000 yuan, even one-fifth of the domestic price after the increase.From the product strength of Toyota Elfa, it is absolutely not worth the price, after all, in the performance of sound insulation and vibration are not so good.The reason why the price can be so high may be related to the hunger marketing caused by the manufacturer’s control of production capacity and the shortage of quota. However, the personal wealth value manifested by the rise of social tools has become the identified consumption target of many business people.In general, the preconceived Elfa strength is strong enough, in the MPV sector is difficult to replace the position.Lexus ES has a “three generations of car” lexus, in the Chinese market position is still very high, but also by a lot of domestic consumers support, the most popular model is also a “shell camry” title Of Lexus ES series, there is no worry about selling.But its weak power seems to be some sorry for the love of Chinese consumers, although there is a certain advantage in appearance design, interior materials, but it is not enough to support such a big price difference.There is no strong powertrain, claiming to be a luxury car ES entry power is only 2.0 self-priming, high with the hybrid version, there will also be increased emulsification of oil Toyota family common disease.However, this does not affect its hot sales in China, because in the eyes of its clear target users, ES is a perfect car without defects, although its price and sales volume in foreign countries are much lower than that in China.Ford F-150 with large body, large horsepower and large space is a popular online car in China, and this popular online car is not ordinary, the price is very considerable, the domestic price is between 520,000 to 620,000, equivalent to an Audi A6 and a Camry.Although the price is not very high, after all, there are many cars that are more expensive than the F-150 in the market, but in the United States, a Ford F-150 is similar to the Accord, equivalent to about 200,000 YUAN, and it is often used for hauling goods or farming, not luxury cars.The F-150 has been hailed as a high-end pickup in China because of its impressive appearance and off-road performance.Although it can not be used for home use in China, it is a ceiling in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts. It is a big toy for rich people. Although the price is nearly three times higher, many people buy it.More than a few people in the heart of the luxury car, in fact is not so high on, there are such cases, in addition to import way, also is the model has great power in some respects, but in contrast, is domestic cars, many people even though it’s cheaper to buy, is in the status of the domestic consumer heart was not so high?