Wang Jinxing and Zhao Hongsheng, good drivers searched online, were awarded the “most Beautiful drivers” in Dezhou

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On the morning of February 17th, two special guests came to the traffic police detachment of Dezhou Public Security Bureau.Special, because not long ago, they did something admirable silently in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, and then were “searched all over the Internet”.Wang Jinxing, Zhao Hongsheng, is looking for lu ND4418 license truck driver.They won the title of “the most Beautiful drivers” jointly awarded by zhejiang Huzhou High-speed Traffic Police Detachment and Dezhou Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment.On February 10, Wang Jinxing and Zhao Hongsheng drove a truck “Lu ND4418”, full of express goods once again appeared on the work route between Tianjin and Huzhou.At noon on the same day, G25 long and deep highway huzhou within the territory of the section of two cars due to the collision caused after the car fire.The owner was at a loss, lucky to meet them after, righteousness, to avoid a bigger accident.”These two good drivers have set an example and spread positive energy in the community.It is worth learning and praising.”Party secretary of dezhou city public security bureau traffic police detachment, division marshal Tian Zhengyong said, hope that through this activity, let more and more driver friends actively into social security prevention and control, make recommendations to the public security traffic work, to jointly promote the public security management, between the people and ensure that the road is more clear, the people live more happiness.Municipal Party committee propaganda department three-level researcher Pan Quanzhu, the city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment party secretary, tian Zhengyong branch leader for Wang Jinxing, Zhao Hongsheng issued “the most beautiful driver” “every day positive energy” certificate.In addition, entrusted by Alibaba Daily Positive Energy and Jinan Times · New Yellow River client, they were also awarded a special reward of RMB 5000 positive energy.In the face of the interview, Wang Jinxing and Zhao Hongsheng said modestly that this is only what should be done, but also what must be done.While spreading positive energy, they also hope that more and more colleagues will step forward in an emergency and make contributions to civilized transportation in the future.