Finally found the perfect outfit for early spring!It’s called “knit + skirt”, it’s elegant and slimming

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Fashion trends are ever-changing, and classic pieces never go out of style and always hold a high place in women’s minds.There are a lot of options for early spring, and there’s one that can make you look elegant and slimmer.Combine a knit sweater with a skirt to create a gentle look.Early in the spring, when the mood is a little brighter, outfits should not be too drab, with the help of some age-reducing colors, including pink.Only most people choose pink sheet or worry heavily, think this kind of dress is not used in place will be particularly rustic, but as long as the use of low saturation pink, plus clothing material is very good, can reflect a high-level style.Like this pink sweater, this color is a recognizable type, paired with a pleated skirt in a simple color, emphasizing elegant rhythm and stylish style.The color of knit uncut upper garment chooses quite much, pink is melting reduce age, purple romance is gentle, they are to be able to help female instant harvest good air qualitative sheet is tasted.The use of color is not messy, as long as you pay attention to the balance of colors, you can get a sense of fashion.This purple knitted jacket adopts the coordination of a light colored pleated skirt. It can be found that the fit of this skirt is very high. If the hem of the dress is tucked into the skirt, you can gain a more graceful curve.Knitwear designs are also particularly varied, ranging from solid colors to stripes, which can create a more lively style, but can also detracts from beauty because of tight color arrangements or jumbled clothing patterns.Like this stripe sweater, its color department uses foundation, do not have the big problem that match color respect.But also pay attention to, if the use of too bright color with it, it will appear that there is no order in the shape, a little chaos, for a basic point of the skirt, it is the most easy to combine a sense of harmony.The choice of knitted sweater can maintain different outline design, some wide, wear comfortable, slim, look slim, but also more feminine, with short design of knitted cardigan, with a skirt, thin show high and can promote temperament.This knit will help define a woman’s upper body without letting the garment be too loose.With the basic khaki skirt, atmosphere and simple.Not all women cannot try colour bright jacket, if skin is white, can use bright red knit sweater to build a visual window, also can foil skin color more fair-skinned.However, knits in this shade are a bit more difficult to pair with a simple black dress, eliminating color conflicts and breaking up the monotony of a black dress.Red cent is a lot of kinds, bright bright red makes public very, the red that restore ancient ways a bit can low-key a few, still can use different neckline design to show show neck curve.This sweater belongs to the design of square collar, which can highlight a large clavicle line, and it is a very thin single item. Also, with black dress, the effect displayed will be completely different from the above group.Besides can choose the knit unlined upper garment of different width, the skirt that also can adopt different design directly installs, the half-length skirt of different color will coordinate a variety of dress styles, perhaps wen wan is very, or sex appeal holds up a person.This hip wrap skirt can make women’s inner femininity to be displayed, directly outline the waist-hip ratio, the fabric is close-fitting, revealing full lines, enhance the sexy index.A knit top with an inclusive color palette can be used to match a plaid skirt. By adding plaid, you don’t look boring or stereotyped, but elegant and classy.No matter choose knit sweater or skirt, must coordinate the relationship between the two, especially the color can not mutually exclusive, maintain unity, in order to wear the aesthetic feeling to improve.