County leaders supervise and inspect epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and school!

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On the morning of February 11, Li Baozhan, deputy Secretary of the CPC County Committee, supervised and inspected the epidemic prevention and control work and the resumption of work and school work in enterprises, schools, construction sites and medical observation points.County industrial cluster district management committee deputy director Jiao Haidong, Yin Yumin, Ma Qinghua together supervision inspection.County leadership in the higher-ups international food co., LTD., the steering county leaders successively higher-ups, international food co., LTD., henan rieter bisk food co., LTD., henan product is food science and technology co., LTD., 2019 shantytowns transformation project construction site, the county and the place such as medical concentrated observation points, the relevant person in charge of listening to report, detailed understanding of epidemic prevention and control and return to work and production work resumption of schooling.County leaders in Henan Lida Lao Tang Food Co., Ltd. supervision county leaders in Henan Pinzheng Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. supervision in Da Ka Food, Lida Lao Tang, Pinzheng food and other enterprises, county leaders seriously listen to the relevant departments and enterprises on the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures and the current enterprise resumption of work and production arrangements of the report.At the same time, it was pointed out that all enterprises should carefully refer to the resumption of work and production requirements, strengthen external personnel and internal management of enterprises, and fully implement various normal epidemic prevention and control measures.Relevant departments should continue to carry out the activity of “10,000 people helping 10,000 enterprises”, helping enterprises not only do epidemic prevention and control work well, but also solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of resumption of work and production, so as to ensure that epidemic prevention and control work and production resumption work are not delayed and promoted simultaneously.County leaders in shanty town reconstruction project site supervision in shanty town reconstruction project site site, county leaders pointed out: construction site personnel mobility, from all parts of the country, work gathering, epidemic prevention and control task is particularly difficult, to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, build a solid construction site epidemic prevention and control defense.On the premise of ensuring quality, we need to speed up the development of projects to improve people’s wellbeing in an all-round way, and strive to ensure that the people feel happier and more satisfied.County leaders in wenxian County no. 1 middle school supervision in Wenxian County no. 1 Middle school, county leaders pointed out: near the start of the school, the education department to scientific assessment of the current situation, strengthen overall planning, further improve the outbreak prevention and control and emergency plan before the start of the school, careful and fine preparation work before the start of the school.We should adhere to the idea of “playing a chess game”, effectively consolidate the responsibilities of departments, teachers and parents, establish and improve the link mechanism between medical institutions and schools, and ensure the “safe and sound opening of the school”.County leaders supervised and supervised the medical observation points, and had an in-depth understanding of the “three areas and two channels” setup, personnel allocation, living facilities, material storage, epidemic prevention and elimination, protective measures and closed-loop management of medical staff and staff.County leaders pointed out: to strengthen personnel training, firmly implement closed – loop management mechanism, strictly prevent cross – infection.We should do a good job in the security, life security and humanistic care of the centralized isolation medical observation points to ensure that the county medical observation points continue to maintain healthy, orderly and efficient operation.Wen County rong media center reporter Sun Can Wang Xin report