Changsheng Bridge there is a man lying on the ground, there is no obvious smell of alcohol, only the left hand shaking!

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At 6 o ‘clock in the afternoon of January 18, police officer Shen of the traffic police brigade was on duty at the outer guard point of huafa Century City control area.Suddenly, a passer-by rushed to shen and told him that a man lay motionless under the Changsheng Bridge.At this time, the road is busy with traffic, the sky is dark and the vision is not good, the man’s situation is very dangerous, the slightest careless may be crushed by the car.Shin ran to the Changsheng Bridge and called his colleagues on patrol to come to the rescue.At 6:02 PM, Police officer Shen arrived at the scene and found a 40-year-old man lying on his side on the lower bridge. There was no obvious conscious reaction and no obvious smell of alcohol on his body. The specific reason for the fall was unknown.At this time, the reinforcement of the traffic police also arrived at the scene, with police cars to do a good job of safety protection, and immediately command traffic dredging, command vehicles to decelerate detour.Several police officers on duty in the vicinity found the emergency situation here, but also toward the scene quickly ran.Police Officer Shim and his colleagues tried to wake the man up, Shouting around him several times, Hello, can you hear me?But the man consciousness has blurred, unable to answer the police’s inquiry, only under the pressure of the left hand in the unconscious tremor.Realizing that the man was in a critical condition, Shen contacted 120 medical staff to help him.Traffic police waiting for the arrival of 120, while cooperating with each other to deal with the situation on the scene: someone directed the traffic and guided the passing vehicles to avoid;Someone stayed with the middle-aged man and kept an eye on his physical condition.A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived at the scene.After shen briefly explained the middle-aged man’s situation to the medical staff, several police officers on the scene assisted the ambulance staff, and jointly put the patient on a stretcher and carried the ambulance, racing against time to gongbei Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for treatment.As the ambulance sped away, Shim and his colleagues returned to their posts.The next morning, the doctor called Officer Shen and said that the middle-aged man had collapsed due to a seizure. His condition was really critical at that time. Fortunately, he was treated in time and was sent to the hospital for examination and treatment.Shen was relieved and continued to stick to the first line of duty on the road.Students wait for the exam at gaolan Port Socialization Test center in Gaolan Port, East China’s Shandong Province, Jan. 18, 2019.At this moment, an examinee bent over to the staff in front of the bell, ready to take the exam bus for subject two.Xiao Zhong saw the candidate’s face pale and asked him if he wanted to take a rest and postpone the exam.Examinee shake a hand, say oneself have no matter, can normal examination.Small bell has been paying attention to the examinee’s situation, see him braving a cold sweat, the state is getting worse and worse, immediately report on duty police officer, suspend man subject two examination.Originally, this is the third time Mr. Zhao took part in the subject 2, before two times because of the side parking and reversing into the garage, the line, parking and other reasons failed the exam.Did not expect the exam day Mr. Zhao suddenly gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea.Xiao Zhong handed him some stomach medicine and hot water and told him to have a good rest.After a short rest, Cho continued to take the exam for Subject 2, but was judged to have failed when backing into and out of a garage.The traffic police encouraged him to say, the body is the first, when you keep a good body, stable mood, more practice, next time will be able to pass the exam, come on!There is love in the world!During the epidemic prevention and control period, zhuhai traffic police took root in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, actively relieved the people’s worries and difficulties, provided all kinds of help within their ability, protected Zhuhai, and safeguarded the safety of Zhuhai.In order to safe Zhuhai let us refueling together!