What is the imitation of spring rain

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The rain belt in autumn gives small animals the information that winter is coming, so that they can prepare food for the winter in advance.Autumn rain to the earth vitality, to the earth a new baptism, to the earth a beautiful anthem;Autumn rain to children is lively, is lively, bring children is a happy song;The rain in autumn brings laughter to human beings and coolness after the heat.1. In autumn, the point of direct sunlight gradually moves southward from the northern hemisphere. After the autumnal equinox, it crosses the equator and the sun shines directly into the southern hemisphere.From the northern hemisphere, the Angle of the sun gradually decreases, narrowing the gap between day and night.At the autumnal equinox, day and night are of equal length.In autumn, the distance between the earth and the sun gradually decreases.From the ecliptic plane, the sun is in the background of Leo, Virgo, and Libra.Autumn rain, blowing the golden trumpet, it tells everyone that winter is coming.Small magpie bit branches to build houses, small squirrels to find pine cones when food, small frogs in stepping up digging holes, ready to sleep comfortably.Pine and cypress put on thick, oily clothes, poplar, willow leaves floating to the foot of the tree.They’re all getting ready for winter.The rain is quietly underground, only a little thin falling sound.The orange-red house, like a bright old monk dressed in cassocks, bowed his head and closed his eyes, under the baptism of the rain.The damp red brick, the color of the stimulating pig’s blood, contrasted sharply with the green bay leaves under the wall.Gray toads, leaping in the damp, moldy mud;It is the only thing full of happy life under the dreary net of autumn rain.The gray and yellow mottled patterns on its back correspond to the dull sky, creating a harmonious tone.He sprang from the grass into the mud, and measured the deep green spray.