The Taiwan Affairs Office of Guiyang carried out visits to Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan relatives during the Spring Festival

2022-05-22 0 By

Guiyang Taiwan Affairs Office carries out Spring Festival visit to Taiwan Compatriots and Taiwan relatives (Photo source:Guiyang Taiwan Affairs Office (Taiwan Network, February 7, China) On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2022, leading members of the Guiyang Taiwan Affairs Office led a team to visit Taiwan enterprises and Taiwan relatives in Taiwan, to convey the care of the Party and the government to the hands of Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan relatives, and through them to express deep greetings and good wishes to their families in Taiwan.Guiyang city visits Taiwan leader line taiwan-owned enterprise production workshop, details about the cost of production, sales, difficulty and the employee’s life, hope in guiyang municipal party committee and municipal government under the leadership of enterprises, develop confidence, overcome the disadvantageous factors of outbreak, in guiyang, capital of “strong” development opportunity again, in the development contribution strength for building both fusion,I wish them a prosperous career and a happy family in the New Year.Taiwan businessmen all thanked the municipal Taiwan Affairs Office for their care and expressed that they would seize the opportunity and actively participate in the “Strong provincial capital” action of Guiyang GUI ‘an based on the enterprise development plan, so as to realize the “win-win” development of enterprises and society.In the process of visiting Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan relatives, leaders of Guiyang Taiwan Affairs Office had a detailed understanding of Taiwan compatriots’ entrepreneurship, life and employment in Guiyang.We sincerely listen to the production and living conditions of Taiwan residents and the current situation of their relatives in Taiwan. We hope that Taiwan residents and Taiwan residents can strengthen contact, build a bridge of communication and make contributions to the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and Taiwan.Work in the oral cavity hospital affiliated to medical university and guizhou Taiwan compatriots Mr Hwang, director liu yun said that Taiwan will continue to build learning in guiyang, employment, life of Taiwan compatriots to do a good job of coordination and service, in time for Taiwan compatriots and hope everyone in guiyang focus on their work and life, to guiyang your Ann a economic and social development.(Jointly reported by China Taiwan Network and Guiyang Taiwan Affairs Office)