House collapse warning?TF Wang Yuan deleted the second after the post, the content is ambiguous, netizens: love three small only

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Introduction: This year seems to be the “reverse year” for the three TFBOYS. Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi had a series of accidents. Although they have calmed down now, the impact on them is great.From these two incidents, there must be someone behind them, jealous of them.Two of the three men were killed, but Wang Yuan was the only one who was safe.I thought it would be over, but what happened to Wang Yuan?Wang posted a post on his personal social media platform, “MISS YOU DAY AND NIGHT”.Netizens said that after seeing this picture, I had a bad feeling, and the radar of house collapse went crazy.House collapse warning?Wang Yuan this is in love, to express their thoughts, or what?Some netizens thought Wang must be in love and not far from collapsing, while others said he missed his fans, not his other half.Since it is to express miss to the fans, why delete in a second.This dynamic content of Wang Yuan is ambiguous and unclear, so that people can not distinguish exactly who is said to listen to, have taken the seat.Fans see it as a warning against them, Internet users see it as a warning against house collapse.Whoever he was talking to, I don’t know if you noticed a problem.As long as the news related to three small, to the end will change the taste, change of the very serious.Wang Yuan just deleted a dynamic seconds, how into the collapse of the house.There are even some net friends said bluntly: love three little, love them right, but this sentence is easy to arouse the imagination of others.Why suddenly love them, love Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi is excusable, after all, some time ago happened that kind of thing.But there is no need to feel sorry for Wang Yuan, so saying is not a hint that he is about to collapse the house?From their debut to now, there are many peers envy, they go to this step to pay how much effort.Talent is important, but I couldn’t have gotten here without hard work.It is useless for those envious people to strike them down by mean means.Three small will encounter strong is strong, as long as there is ability and talent, will not be buried.Personally, I think this ambiguous dynamic of Wang Yuan is sent to his fans, which is a code with his fans. There is no collapse of the house.Sanxiao is still young, put all his energy on the career.Although Wang yuan does not appear frequently, he puts all his energy into creation and has little time for romance.Wang yuan is a target-oriented person who puts all his energy into writing songs and interacting with his fans.Clockwork content ambiguous dynamic, and then seconds to delete, was questioned collapse.Black pink closely staring at Wang Yuan, trying to let them three small collapse, the heart is too sinister.Believe wang yuan’s fans, all understand wang Yuan this dynamic is what the meaning, do not be affected by public opinion.Conclusion: finally believe that three small can pass this difficulty smoothly only, no matter who is behind make a ghost, all defeat them.After all these years, is it possible to be discouraged by this one?And the fans believe them, not as bad as others say.Their fans see what they’ve done.What do you think?Please leave your comments and forward them in the comments section.