COVID-19 confirmed in Japan hits 60,000 in a single day

2022-05-22 0 By

The COVID-19 outbreak in Japan is on alert, with the number of confirmed cases breaking new records in several days. Even entertainers in the entertainment industry are also in a state of fear.”Drama goddess” Fukada Kyoko, Yoshioka li fan was also confirmed in the 25th, according to the instructions of the medical unit, two people are currently at home to rest, the spread of the epidemic is wider than expected.Fukada Kyoko diagnosed.Yoshioka Rifan was also diagnosed.Japanese media reported that Fukada, who developed a fever on Wednesday and felt unwell for two days, was confirmed to be positive after a PCR test on Friday. She is now in quarantine at home.Another popular actress Yoshioka Rifan also spread the news of infection, she also had a fever, 25 received a diagnosis of the notification, the agency earlier issued a statement said, I am sorry to make all circles worry, will use all means to protect their artists, and prevent the spread of the epidemic.Actor “Brother” Chihara Ii also confirmed the diagnosis on The 25th, the management company of Jiben Industrial confirmed that he was in close contact with the patient on the 24th, then arranged a PCR test to find the diagnosis, he is also at home isolation treatment, he is the company in just two days of the seventh confirmed patient.Sasaki, Akatsueladhi, Fujioka and others have been diagnosed.(figure/turn taken from sasaki, as fujioka indigo IG, friDay video and provide the Japanese entertainment industry recently revealed a large number of artists confirmed the news, the local number of confirmed on the 25th to high, Tokyo not only surpass 12000 people, more than 60000 people across the country, is included in the development of Taiwan as fujioka indigo, and “if 30 years old or a virgin, you will become a wizard” (hereinafter referred to as:Cherry magic) red red and ChuWei, speed water, tiger, and wife aya hirayama, funny group Oriental radio fujimori shingo, “the kidnapper label” fang jing son, SKE48, summary icon surf in Tian Yaxiang man fujiwara zhangs ichiro, takahashi ready and flat and meteor onishi and sexy actress island coloured glaze son are confirmed quarantinable epidemic.