Analysis of the bicolor phase 2022015

2022-05-22 0 By

The drawing time of the bicolor 2022015 analysis is Sunday, February 13.There are a lot of connected numbers out recently, so you can pay more attention to them.{1. Kill number} The red ball kill number in the pre-current area: (This part is the number that does not need to be considered when selecting number) {2.Note} the red ball number and at most two winning (please keep independent thinking) : (this section shows up to only two left and right so you don’t have much choose.){3. Reference} 01.04 (with a high probability) 03.10 (with a low probability) { {6;Blue ball beware} (blue ball should beware) {6.Last issue of the lottery record} — 04 (in the statement above are personal opinions can not ensure 100% accuracy please believe yourself) like friends can little attention oh!I’ll see you next time.[rose][rose][rose][rose][pray][pray][rose]