A volunteer in a volunteer’s eyes

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Early in the morning, nucleic acid test again.Several of us volunteers were ready to gather in the small square of the property. Not far away, we saw a thin and straight figure, who was about to put a tag with a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code icon on his chest. I immediately recognized him as Liu Shijun, a police officer from the municipal compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation Center.To the front, I called a “Officer Liu”, he turned around, I looked, sure enough there was no mistake, is he.”Again today?For how many days without a day’s rest?”.He simply replied, “There are few volunteers in the community. Keep an eye on it.”Then I continued to do all the preparatory work for the nucleic acid test, and I said nothing more.I did not know Officer Liu before, because the epidemic prevention and control went down to the community, and he helped do some volunteer work on the scene every day, and he came to the community every day, so I got to know him.Seeing that he is no longer young, isn’t he afraid to insist on coming every day?Can your body handle it?These questions have been lingering in my mind. Later we added wechat and sometimes chatted. After these days’ contact and observation, I feel that Officer Liu is really not simple and can be called an admirable person with characteristics.Why do you say that?Because he has a sense of responsibility to step up in a crisis.Since the first day of the closure of no.19 community, Liu responded to the call of the community and became one of the first volunteers at the nucleic acid testing site to help maintain the order of the site.He came to the scene early every day, set up a security cordon, paste a meter of thread, and carry tables and chairs and test items.Due to the limited protective materials, in the first few days of the outbreak, the community volunteers had no other protective measures except masks. In fact, these days were also the most dangerous time, but he was not afraid of danger, without complaint or regret, without hesitation, and did not retreat a day.Because he still has an unyielding spirit.At the nucleic acid testing site, some volunteers were scanning codes, some were running around Shouting for buildings, and some were maintaining order at the site.Since helping residents to sweep codes is of certain technical content and has certain risks, and Shouting for the floor is physically exhausting, these two tasks are generally undertaken by young people, especially young men. Most of the time, Officer Liu is maintaining order.But once I saw Liu police officer holding a small speaker, is shuttling back and forth between each park, building front and back to the floor, floor unit to call everyone downstairs to do nucleic acid.Yesterday, I even saw Police officer Liu wearing a protective suit and holding a mobile phone, helping residents who were doing nucleic acid scan codes one by one.At that time I also praised him, said: “Officer Liu can sweep the code, not simple ah!”.With a smile on his face and a hint of pride, he said, “If you are willing to learn, the young people can, and so can our old comrades.”For he had a rare patience of simple warmth.Whether you wear a protective suit or not, you can always feel a calm peace in his eyes.To maintain order, he always took pains to remind everyone to advance your phone tencent electronic health code, or id card ready, remind everybody must wear a face mask, keep one meter distance, less talk or not talk, he also ingenuity to made up a very realistic not (nucleic acid testing site) and have a lot of philosophy:”Please be sure to keep as far as possible within the smallest range!”.Words are very creative, but also active the dull atmosphere of the scene.He said these things every day, so many times every day, without any sense of restraint.At the same time, he will try his best to take care of the groups in need of care. When he sees elderly people on crutches or in wheelchairs coming to have nucleic acid tests, he will come forward and arrange them to have nucleic acid tests first after obtaining the consent of others.You see, Officer Liu is such a volunteer, such a veteran party member.In the front line of epidemic prevention and control work, there are many such “Police officer Liu” who stood up and silently dedicated, medical staff wearing white armor, volunteers selfless dedication, public security police stick to it day and night, caring people generously donate money, to protect the staff to run…We have seen great love, benevolence, courage and responsibility on them, and we have seen the hope of the heroic city reignites “fireworks”!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn