“Double eyelid” after finishing why can there be “meat strip gentleman”?

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What is today’s popular science?Want to know?Just take a look.If you have different opinions, please feel free to comment below!Let’s have a look at today’s “hero” – “double eyes skin strips” it!Finish double eyelid effect had, eyelid is swollen however, resemble meat, how is this?Today xiaobian take you to see exactly why!First, what are the reasons for the formation of “strips of meat”?1. After removal, the skin and its underside scar shrink.2, traces deep, due to depression caused by “drum”.3. The design is too wide.4. The anterior meibomian tissue was too thick, and the remaining part appeared too thick after removing part of the tissue.Two, “meat sticks” because did not go to the organization?Three important reasons: subcutaneous scar, severe subcutaneous scar, severe subcutaneous scar contracture!Scar contraction brings the skin on both sides closer to the center, so feel the drum!Like meat!Strips of meat with notch depression.Because a traditional double eyelid is formed by removing the orbicularis oculi muscle and bonding the skin to the blepharum.The double eyelids are easy to form strips of flesh, and the marks are obvious when the eyes are closed.So don’t ask if you didn’t go to division!”Thin strips of meat do not suspect too much organization to go!Three, can you see the amount of tissue through the strips of meat?Beauty seekers judge the removal of tissue by “strips of meat”, which is not proportional, because there are differences in the thickness of the premeibomian tissue, and there will be differences in the amount of tissue in the left and right eyes.Four, how to see the lack of organization?Tissue is missing, only after you open it!Even a beautician who has been engaged in the beauty industry for many years cannot accurately judge from the appearance!Appearance guess is not necessarily the actual situation, “dry” is not necessarily “gone”!Repair is different degrees of tissue loss, want to go back to the tissue before the quantification has no meaning, can only see the situation after opening the treatment!”Strips of meat” are interpreted as wide, thick and bloated lower lip of the double eyelid.It is not possible to judge the relationship between the meat strips and the tissue by naked eyes. After all, the actual appearance is different from the real situation, and the cause of the meat strips must be opened to know.Today’s popular science ends here, xiaobian reminds jimei, which to choose, not the price of the problem, but whether it is suitable for you.If you really do, we must choose regular medical institutions to ensure that operators and products are qualified.Still have, must take a picture before doing, ability after clear contrast effect.All right!That’s all for today!What do you think?I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.Please like my post and share it!Be sure to poke in the comments section if you have anything to say!New discoveries are made every day!See you next time!→→→ little attention do not get lost ←←←