Doodle Intelligence helps consumers stay warm through the winter with “wisdom”

2022-05-21 0 By

This winter has been particularly cold, and long Johns alone have been unable to ward off the wind.Consumers are in urgent need of a safe, strong heating products to spend the winter.Relying on the intelligent solution of doodle intelligent heating and heating products, many developers have introduced to the market a number of heating equipment, such as heater, towel rack, electric furnace, European fast heating furnace and so on.(Global IoT development platform service provider Doodle Intelligence) among them, through the solution provided by Doodle Intelligence to achieve intelligent heating fan, with one-button intelligent temperature adjustment, rapid heating and other functions, the most suitable for “cold star people” used for local heating.Intelligent heating fan is small in size and convenient to move back and forth. It is a necessary good product for winter office hands. Whether it is put on the desktop to warm hands or put under the foot to warm feet, it is very suitable for work.Doodle Smart heating fan solution also supports App remote control, gear adjustment, operation mode adjustment, setting appointment timing, countdown, remote preheating and other functions. Customers can customize the brand’s own personalized heating fan according to their needs, greatly improving product competitiveness.The towel rack solution of Doodle Smart adopts carbon fiber heating, heat conduction fluid heating, PTC heating + ultraviolet sterilization and other heating modes, which can not only keep the temperature of the towel, but also sterilize and protect the health of the family.The solution has intelligent touch control, switch child lock, and equipped with leakage protection plug, even in the bathroom filled with water vapor, also can effectively protect the safety of electricity.The program also supports intelligent constant temperature, remote drying and other function Settings, can quickly achieve daily towel clothing sterilization.Through mobile App or local Settings, weekly program plans can be set for a week. For example, different temperatures can be set at different times of the day, and towel racks can be automatically opened or closed, which greatly improves consumer experience and makes products more popular in the market.In addition to portable local heating devices, home life also needs to ensure the temperature of the whole house, especially with a baby or the elderly family.In winter, families in the south use air conditioning heating is particularly inadequate, how to create a warm indoor environment?Electric fireplace has emerged in the market, popular with more and more southern family, the traditional fireplace products, however, many problems exist, such as the room can’t preheat ahead of time, the light pattern is not rich, week program set up complex, go out can’t check the equipment status, energy consumption statistical detection problem, the problem of unable to timely warning, etc.The fireplace intelligent solution of Doodle Intelligence supports 3D lighting control, flame lighting control and other features, which is closer to the real fireplace use scene;The fireplace lighting can be adjusted at will through the App to build a warm and comfortable atmosphere and relieve work fatigue.At the same time can view the equipment status, remote control, convenient and quick.It also supports multiple timing modes, energy management, voice control, scene linkage, fault alarm and other functions to keep track of the family situation and ensure the safety of the home environment.With smart heating devices powered by Doodle Intelligence, consumers no longer have to rely on “a healthy atmosphere” to survive this winter!