According to Xu Min first discharged from the hospital and relatives in the pharmacy to question Xu Min to change the child can be established

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Some people in my comment section questioned whether it was Xu Min T’s child, for the same reasons: 1. Xu Min took the child out of the hospital first;2. Xu Min’s relatives work in the pharmacy. His former sister-in-law’s mother and sister-in-law’s sister work in the pharmacy.Xu Min took away the child is a big pharmacy staff handed over to her hand, with the family first discharged what relationship?The mole you gave her in your homework book.Besides, the big drugstore is not a vegetable market. Whoever gets out of the hospital first can pick up a better child first.What kind of brain circuits are you people wired for?They traded their kids out of faith in your big pharmacy.Others said that Xu Min himself did not see clearly, blame her own.You gave him valium at an inappropriate time, and he was still conscious?Now I seriously suspect that you deliberately hit stability at the wrong time is to make Xu Min drowsy, lose consciousness, so as to implement the next plan, not to find out the truth, big pharmacy will never be innocent.Well, according to the professionals, you may have deliberately made valium at the wrong time.The stability of xu Min, this time is a great risk.In other words, you are suspected of killing children, the next thorough investigation, Xu Min will be in this place to assert their rights and interests, must accuse these people of killing children.When it comes to who has relatives in the big pharmacy, a flower has openly had more relatives than xu’s family, and who has more relatives will T children?Obviously, this argument is untenable. The relative has nothing to do with T directly, but what is the relative’s position in the big pharmacy?Xu’s relatives were not in the department of obstetrics, nor were they medical staff at that time. They were not involved in the production and management, and just said that the family had gone to see the child, they slanted people and said that the family had failed.And a mole is the head nurse at that time, the management of the birth of the baby, there are many of her signature on the exercise book, this is an iron fact, excuse me, there are xu family relatives on the exercise book signature?Signature means responsibility, no signature is no responsibility, check will first check the signature of these people, and the most suspected is that a mole.A flower is very evasive to have relative relation to some mole, change mouth for many times, seem to be very sensitive to this thing, have relatives so hard to say?That midnight chicken crow is also very strange, visit, check no female family tree, confirm no kinship, really laugh me to death, now is the 21st century, still living in bao adult era.Another point of view to think, Xu Min has so many relatives in the pharmacy, the child should not be T, but you still give people’s children to T, you are bold, this is how rampant ah, even the feelings of colleagues are ignored, it is a loss of conscience.All these years when I got along with xu’s relatives, I was always very pleased or laughed at them. Look, you didn’t know that your relatives’ children had been destroyed. You were very proud, weren’t you?A flower your relatives less, but still some, say is this mole?Heard that the husband of some lotus is also called Guo Xi, is this a relative?And who is Du Su-hui?With so many relatives in charge of obstetrics, a flower deserves special attention!Your own nephew was less likely to be switched, but he was?What’s the explanation?Was it on purpose?One flower did, however, get special attention.Without birth permit, you can enter a big pharmacy to produce, there are big three Yang also need not isolation measures, but also be arranged to the first operation that day, what kind of relatives can help you do these?What kind of relative does that take?Is such care, the child is still in 50% probability, swap, you say strange not strange?