10 TV dramas worth watching in 2021, which ones are sweet, sadistic and sexy?

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Do you sometimes miss the beauty of youth like me? Compared with the complicated society, campus life is more simple and beautiful. Today, I would like to share with you some TV dramas related to campus youth.”Memory” exclusive story begins in the junior year philosophy exam cheating in the examination place, three girls Xue Tong and confronting the physical Dr MuCheng and no discord, no concord, from the beginning to see each other not pleasing to the eye, and then attracted to each other slowly, at the same time, begin to dorm life Xue Tong met three character between roommates, and growth of self-comforting with them.Everyone will have infinite feelings when recalling their college days, and this play can take us back to our exclusive memories., “hello, old times,” just watching a show, the love between the students with excellent performance is very good also ke, the Yu Zhouzhou and Lin Yang childhood friends, grew up a piece of, when I was a child because Lin Yang a phone call, Yu Zhouzhou fate be changed, when they are in zhenhua high school reunion, Lin Yang guilt feelings, eager to make up for, and couldn’t say for sure get Yu Zhouzhou nowhere,The competition of the quota submitted to the play, the death of a good friend Mijo, Yu Zhou Zhou has been with a sunny kind, positive and enterprising heart to face the changes around, fast growth.High school graduation, come to an end, youth immortal.”Suddenly summer” this play tells the story of Zhang Yuan and He Luo from high school to college across ten years of long-distance love, a stretch of ten years, across the mountains and the sea of attachment, take you to review the heartache in the time of youth, experience the hard work of chasing dreams, recall the depths of memory, the original love of that person.Poor performance in the play tells the story of “the best we serve students and outstanding student Yu Huai become deskmate grow together, two people accidentally met, would later become deskmate, condemned the entanglement of two people, only to struggle for more than ten years, once more with you together of that person, now, what happened to you.”The First Love that Little Thing” tells the story of two men liang Younian and female Xia Miaomiao love each other, common achievement each other, common progress of the love story, two-way love is also very beautiful, do you still remember your first love?”We in time” those who tell about is young period a paragraph of two-way love, unfinished to be continued affection, meet again after 7 years when lie between, experienced misunderstanding and twists and turns, two people confirm each other eventually, solved the heavy crisis on career and affection hand in hand, draw satisfactory full stop for the regret that youth did not complete.”A hundred years of good, a deal is decided” tells the story of Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi, from the campus brave chase after love, to enter the society after rough.Still go hand in hand, persistent pursuit of dreams, all the way to grow the story.From school sweet to wedding, from the campus to the workplace.The ending is so happy, this love makes you sweet.Whether or not you meet someone who can make a deal for you.We all want to meet our centenarians at every step of the way, don’t we?As can be seen from the title of the play, “Warm Hour Light for Us” and “To Our Simple Little Beauty” are sisters from the same author.In fact, the main characters of the two works are similar, a love story between an ordinary girl and a student with excellent grades.Born like the orange of huainan, the best we, definite and the emergence of huainan, feeling a little flat, meaning the show tells the story of los code is in high school crush on confronting huainan, two people but failed to friction sparks, even in the mind of huainan never had a definite of figure appeared, until the university, the two met again on campus,The crush has finally come to a turning point.After reading you will understand more “orange born huainan is orange, born huaibei is orange” this sentence.”Together with the window” tells the story of Lu Qiaochuan, Zhong Bai, Ren Yifan three childhood friends all the way classmate, and admitted to the same university, and have met new classmates, nine young men and women together opened the colorful university story of time, after watching this drama, you will think of your classmate who?