Why is it difficult to say that the timid dare not learn shimen Ode and the weak cannot learn it?

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What do you gain and lose by studying Shimen Ode?Why is it said: the timid dare not learn, the weak cannot learn, where is the difficulty?At the end of the Qing dynasty calligraphy seal carver Zhang Zuyi commented on Shimen song: “Three hundred years of learning han tablet uncommon a few, but no one to learn” Shimen song “, cover its strong and bold gas, timid people dare not learn, the weak can not learn.”Although this is only one opinion, but there are not many people who learn Shimen song Lin well, it is true that the weak can not learn, if someone says it is not hard, it is wrong, and it is true that the timid dare not learn, so “Shimen Song” is difficult where, why so hard?What are you afraid of learning Ode to Shimen?Here are some of my exploration: 1. Because Shimen Ode is not as regular as regular script and other official script tablet stickers, I dare not try it for fear of being distorted or not being recognized.If you get the strength of Shimen Ode, it is easy to exaggerate and lose the balance of construction in some strokes. For example, if a stroke of Shimen Ode is long, it is easy to write longer than it.”Very learn seven to throw three”, but seriously to be like, you will find that its strokes are everywhere is not full of the use of internal forces, so practice, it is really very difficult to learn “Shimen Ode” where: 1.Do not know how to learn 2. Do not approve of “Ode to Shimen”, some people prefer the kind of ink pig with thick strokes.There are no conditions for learning Shimen Ode. What are the conditions for learning Shimen Ode?I think it is necessary to know martial arts, otherwise how can you know inner jin?Also difficult in that some people prefer stroke thick ink, if pigs get “ode to shimen” that easily on some strokes than it more exaggerated, lose balance structure word, such as a stroke “ode to shimen” write longer, than it would be easy to write longer its stroke is not filled with the use of internal force, practice, so it was very difficult what calligraphy?What is good handwriting?Basic training of calligraphy introduction, how to practice calligraphy, what to learn calligraphy for beginners, what to practice?How can contemporary calligraphy and the difference of ancient calligraphy make double foot more beautiful?How to Make your feet look 10 years younger than your peers