Provincial women’s federation held a systematic study and implementation of the new state development no. 2 document thematic conference

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Forge ahead and blaze new trails, innovate and work for development.On the morning of February 10, the Provincial Women’s Federation held a special meeting to systematically study and implement the Opinions of The State Council on Supporting Guizhou to Blaze a New Trail in the Development of Western China in the New Era (State Development No. 2 (2022)).Provincial women’s Federation party secretary, chairman Yang Xiaoman attended the meeting and speech, party members, vice chairman Chen Xuemei, Long Lihong, Jiang Yun, Yang Jing attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Chen Xuemei.
The meeting

The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection of Guizhou. The original text studied the document “Opinions of The State Council on Supporting Guizhou to Break new ground in the Development of western China in the New Era” (Guofa (2022) No.2) and the spirit of the speech of Chen Yiqin, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, at the provincial leading cadres’ meeting.
Conference pointed out that the new nation no. 2 file in-depth implementation of jinping general secretary of the important speech and instructions instructions spirit, from aspects of strong support of policy, projects, capital of guizhou province in the new era on the development of the western region to achieve new goals positioning, to guizhou in the west development in the new era of the new road has been clear about the guiding ideology, strategic positioning and development goals,For Guizhou to create a new “golden decade”, write a greater glory in the new era to bring more confidence and energy.

Yang Xiaoman speaks

The meeting stressed that the introduction and implementation of the new State Development No. 2 document is of great significance and the opportunity is rare. Women’s federations at all levels in the province must resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, take the implementation of the new State Development No. 2 document as a major political task at present and in the future, and dig the spiritual connotation of the document deeply.We will fully implement all the goals, tasks, policies and measures specified in the Opinions.First, we have a deep understanding of the political significance of The State Council’s issuance of the No. 2 Document on National Development, and wholeheartedly support the “two initiatives” and faithfully practice the “two initiatives”.Second, accurately grasp the major development tasks in the new State Development No. 2 document, and create a powerful driving force for the new “Golden Decade” of high-quality development in Guizhou;Third, The State Council issued the new State Development Document No. 2 to make good use of the major historical opportunity to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of women and children in Guizhou.
Meeting requirements meeting requirements, the province’s women’s federation system to condense ideological consensus, in deep learning with real work;Condenses the female power, seeks the actual effect on the propaganda;Have the courage to take responsibility, in the implementation of the results;We will strive for greater synergy through the policy of “good use and living”.Efforts to implement the document on the spirit and do a good job in the current work, the formation of the provincial women’s federation system propulsion force, comprehensively promote the development of women and children in guizhou enterprise quality, unity cohesion broad masses of women to create a new “golden decade” of guizhou and unremitting efforts, with excellent achievement to meet the large and 20 provinces held the 13th congress of victory.

The meeting

The city and state women’s federations are mainly responsible for comrades, provincial women’s federations and provincial women and children’s activities center (provincial women’s stem school) all cadres and workers to attend the meeting.

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