Man posing as 985 Student Council President?The All-China Student Federation responds!

2022-05-20 0 By

Recently, a short video platform “boy claiming to be the president of the Student Union, with the barber shop hype” video has aroused attention.The All-China Federation of Students spoke out: This behavior is “bottomless marketing”, and we firmly reject it!It has been verified that the protagonist in the video has no relationship with the university’s student union.Screenshots showed a male student claiming to be the president of a high school student union, suspected of promoting a barber shop.Reporters noted that the video was posted by an account belonging to a barbershop in Hefei, Anhui Province, and was not the first of its kind.After the incident was exposed, the barber apologized to the school, but marketing under the guise of “human renovation” has not stopped.The All-China Students’ Federation said it would deal seriously with the student union organizations and their staff after verification.However, we will firmly resist those who maliciously smear and damage the image and reputation of the Student Union and use it as a marketing hotspot to gain traffic and attention.Copyright to the original author all such as infringement please contact delete